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Clearing Entities & Negative Energies Can Prevent Illnesses And Spiritual Attacks

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

There are a lot of people in the world that have the ability to know and feel when something goes wrong, and when they have the energetic field imbalanced.

Here, we will present the twelve ways of clearing negative entities and energies, and stopping energetic attacks:

1. We should connect with our higher self out of the third-dimensional matrix surface. We may even go far beyond that, connecting with our oversoul or monad, and with our Source. These two aren’t separate; however, each consciousness possesses answers, together with help which is going to correspond to each reality layer.

2. We should asses our team of guides and ask our higher self to let go of any guides which aren’t 100% made of the pure Source light. Then, we have to replace them with guides who have our best and highest interests on the mind, in order to assist us in going out of the negative matrix surface.

3. State our sovereignty as the Source being, demanding that anything which isn’t in our best and highest good will not be permitted to attack us, or enter our auric field, siphon our energy, attach to us, enter our home, or also cause illusions and overlays through deliberate sabotage and trickery.

4. We can ask for clearing of every curse, spell, or energetic dart which was cast by others.

5. We should ask our team of guides to clear our emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, or etheric fields of energy and visualize being flooded by pure golden and white love and light. We should also ask for clearing of our past, future, or present timelines, together with parallel Earths.

6. We should clear our energy portals or chakras. There are people who learn how to shut them down, relying on the dantian spots in their third eye, sacral areas and heart. When these chakras are not shut down, we have to clear them on a daily basis. When we learn every difference in the way, we feel when we have our chakra vulnerable and open versus closed and imbalanced, we will decide what will work best for us in our future.

7. We should ask to be protected while we walk our path, and visualize one golden egg, surrounding our aura, and permitting love to come out, without permitting something harmful or negative to enter.

8. We can take certain salt baths. We should connect with our guidance, then ask the water and salt for clearing, and be thankful. We should use the pink Himalayan sea salt for this purpose.

9. We should disconnect ourselves from negative individuals and relationships which do not serve us any purpose anymore. We should cut the energy cords gently and then lovingly send each of them back to where they originated from.

10. We should revoke every contract which does not serve us anymore.

11. We should attend to the energy of our home, as our home is the reflection of everything that is inside us. We can burn sage and tell a mantra of intention which only the ones with 100% true Source love and light and with our best and highest intentions in our mind be permitted to occupy our home. We should clean and dust our home, or remove material things and clutter which weigh us down. We can also grow some live plants in our inner self, and open the windows, permitting some sunshine and fresh air.

12. We have to be responsible and conscious of our words, actions and thoughts, and also realize that we attract everything we put out. We have to remember that we create our local reality, collectively creating a much bigger reality, although a distorted reality.

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