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Jupiter In Sagittarius Will Bring You Back To Life

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by Conscious Reminder

Certain planetary transitions and movements cause certain energies to flow. When people are born, they are born under the influence of the stars, and as a result some people have the abilities to harness particular strains of energies.

Every month, when planets align with particular pre-set patterns in the sky, certain people absorb certain energies.

This was a rookie’s guide to the logic of astrology.

Oh, one more thing: things like the Sun, the moon, Jupiter and eclipses are jolts of energy; that is, when they enter a sign or conjugate with planetary transitions, they boost them, like the proverbial nitro-boost in video games.

As a result, the approach people must take towards this non-exact science, is two-fold:

1. Lessening the risks by lessening the number of newer projects and endeavours.

2. Absorbing the suitable energies formed by suitable transitions and suitable movements.

How to

Like we stated before, certain planets and bodies produce certain kinds of energy jolts in particular situations. This makes particular bodies suitable for particular energies: for example, the Sun gives courage, Venus gives love and friendship, Mars gives ambition and the Moon, a powerful gut feeling.

Jupiter lends you the required heights to prosper, like a king.

Jupiter takes twelve years to complete its ruler-ship of all the signs. This week, he begins a thirteen-month journey through Sagittarius.

Harness the massive jolts of spiritual energy; do the things that can help you take advantage of the powers and go further down the road you are on.

Here are five things that you can do, in order to use Jove’s energies

1. Be confident

Or do something that requires confidence as a pre-requisite. This can be anything, from taking a test, or going for that job interview or even asking your crush out.

Confidence is a key factor in many things in today’s world. Just look at the number of successful millionaire YouTubers out there and you will know.

This might be the time to try out unchartered territory my friend. Let Jove see you through.

2. Learn a new tongue

This is one of those things that can be really daunting as an adult. And not to mention it requires a kind of special aptitude. But, if there is a suitable time to do this, it is now. Not only is Jupiter favourable, but he is transitioning through what I call the Bohemian of signs, Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is the wanderer and normally Sagittarians are pretty good at blending in with new people. So, almost everything is favourable towards this venture. Give it a go.

3. Have a healthy debate

Sagittarius is all about finding the truth through contradicting worldviews. And nothing brings out contradicting worldviews better than a debate or a discussion with a respectable peer; or even better, a family member; an elder one from another generation, someone whose opinion you frivolously underestimated and dismissed as obsolete.

You never know what you can learn from such discussions. Truth is a relative concept and can only be understood from context. So it is always better to listen to opinions.

4. Take up a hobby

Because hobbies are big measures of personal growth and introspection. It can be something artistic or even something mundane like fishkeeping.

Try it out and see where it goes. You might just find something you love to do.

If you need proof of how a hobby can literally change lives, read up about Joey Mullen. Convicted for attempted murder as a juvenile, he turned his life around after, with his fishkeeping videos, blogs and Instagram profile. He is now considered an expert in the field and is a published author at that.

5. Try out financial ventures

The time is ripe. Prosperity is on its way. Do not give up. Work hard.

May Jove see you all through whatever you are on.


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