Try Out These 5 Crystals To Make The Most Of Fall 2019

Shifting of the seasons always has a magical element to it. And this drastic change from humid Summer days to the foggy Autumn is all the more enchanting.

As we get excited for the holidays, be it Halloween or the year-end festivities, we can always amplify the blessings of Autumn with some crystals.

Here are 5 crystals you can try this Fall:


As the season of transition is here, our intuition is on high alert. We must be able to pick up on the wisdom and messages from other realms and Amethyst can help us in this quest.

This purple crystal can not only balance our physical and emotional selves but also help us deal with our losses better. This crystal can be used to reconnect with one’s ancestors so try keeping a piece of this crystal on an altar near you.


As we shift from the summer sweats to the cooler days of autumn, this orange-pink crystal can be useful for our past life work. It deals with the renewal of our reincarnation too.

Sacral Chakra is usually associated with this crystal and it provides us confidence for the time ahead. You can carry a piece of this crystal in the left pocket. The Autumn Equinox makes a transition and carrying a Carnelian will promote self-confidence.


Not only the Fall, but you can carry it all year long. It brings abundance and luck, and can effectively eliminate negativity.

One unique feature of this crystal is that because of its immense power, you don’t really have to cleanse it like the rest. If you suffer from any seasonal disorders, Citrine is the best crystal to carry around.


Hematite reduces negativity around you and makes you grounded. As the season and the world change during this time, this stone can help you maintain your balance.

It reflects the darkness of the upcoming Winter and helps us prepare.


This stone too can be helpful in all seasons. Often used in Moon rituals, Labradorite is known for its magical properties and boosts psychic abilities and the many forms of divination.

It also helps the carrier persevere in tumultuous situations and simultaneously boosts creativity too.

Let us know how these crystals help you navigate the season better. Enjoy the season and spread positivity!

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