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Gemini Full Moon Rising December 18th: Feel The Power Of The Galactic Center

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by Conscious Reminder

The ultimate Full Moon of 2021 falls on the 18th/19th of December at 27 degrees of Gemini.

This happens to be directly opposite the Galactic Centre. This center is said to be the heart of our Universe and home to magical energy in our cosmic skies.

The Full Moon is directly opposite this point and the energies are believed to be quite powerful and out of this world. You might also find it easier to connect with the Starseed and other galactic beings.

The Gemini Full Moon Can Unlock A Higher State Of Consciousness

Full Moons can draw things out of you as they are the pinnacle of the lunar cycle. They tend to bring things to the peak in our lives too.

The 2021 Full Moon in December is following the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse for which you can observe more illumination. Several things were stirred under the Eclipse which will now come into full view and allow you to see things clearly.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion and is quite active under the Full Moon. Jupiter holds the gift to allow you to see the silver lining as it magnifies everything you touch.
You will observe your perspective to expand and open up to more experiences, solutions, and opportunities.

Things that had manifested during the Eclipse will be altered into positive elements, thanks to the expansive lens of Jupiter. This will carry a sense of sweetness into your life.

The Gemini Full Moon Casts Light On The Solutions You Are Looking For

The twins represent Gemini, where one is mortal and the other is immortal. It symbolizes the balance between the spiritual and physical world.

You have a body and a soul, a human life and a spirit. You need to look at things from both of these perspectives as it will help you look for the solutions to all of your problems.

The last Full Moon is a great time to reflect and leave elements behind that you do not wish to carry anymore, into the new year.

The Gemini Full Moon carries massive galactic energies and sweetness but there are other events in the skies that can affect your energies in the present situation.

Right after the Full Moon, you will observe Venus retrograde. Venus is the planet of relationships, money stations, and love, and this retrograde offers a powerful point.

This retrograde can stir up events that are related to your heart and daily relationships. These relationships are not only with other people but also with money and other such valuable assets.

The Venus retrograde is close to Pluto and this is why you can find a new sense of power budding in your heart or feel more empowered to make decisions from your heart.

Saturn and Uranus are also getting ready to form their final square in 2021. The coming full moon might manifest as a push-pull feeling between boundaries and freedom, which also carries a sense of restlessness when you approach something.

You need to balance these energies in your life and look forward to the future where new possibilities can be found.

This is the perfect time to take a leap of faith and approach things with innovation and creativity.

The Full Moon in December is quite sweet and offers illumination for you to look at things with a bright perspective.

Other cosmic activities which occur in the night sky might also bring in additional energy and you will be able to look at things from the perspective of a human being as well as a spirit.

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