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The Lunar Nodes Switch Signs: Karma’s Here To Collect Our Debts

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by Conscious Reminder

If you hear a knock on your door, it is probably Karma. With the Lunar Nodes changing positions, this is a time of change.

The North Node is entering Cancer and the South Node has shifted to Capricorn. They’ll remain in their respective position for the next year and a half.

What You Need To Know About These Nodes

Stuck in a perpetual reverse motion, the nodes are the only celestial bodies that do so. They are similar to planets moving in retrograde with the difference being that they are not in retrograde.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the Lunar Nodes are inextricably linked with the past and with Karma. Being in retrograde constantly has naturally led to them being seen as symbols for moving backwards into the past.

Besides this, the Lunar Nodes are positioned exactly at the point where the orbit of the Moon intersects with the eclipse. The latter is supposed to be the outline of the Sun moving around the Earth. The Nodes gain even more importance here because they are found where the divinity of the Sun intersects with the material nature of the Moon.

The reason we have eclipses is because of the Lunar Nodes. There are two phases in a year in which eclipses occur and whenever they do, everything goes haywire. Occurrences which will impact the lives of many take place.

Great men and women enter the world or leave it, groundbreaking inventions take the world by storms, wars are fought or ended, and calamities of apocalyptic proportions can be expected.

In a way, these eclipses regulate the karma that belongs to all of humanity together as well as the karma of each person individually. The latter is more likely to happen when an eclipse interacts with other astrological aspects of a person’s sign. The people who are most affected must ready themselves so that they are prepared to make the tough choices that are necessary to get their life back in order.

The Parental Aspects Of Cancer And Capricorn

So, what does the movement of the Nodes into Cancer and Capricorn mean for us? In the astrological sense, Cancer which is ruled by the Moon takes on maternal aspects and Capricorn which is ruled by the Sun takes on paternal aspects. But this is just the simple explanation.

In this time Cancer will offer safety, protection, and care. Representing the womb which carried and nurtured us all so that we could be brought into the world, Cancer also refers to the crab which stays safe inside its hard shell. It symbolizes the sense of security that all of us are looking for and the desire to have a place to call a home.

Seated right at the pinnacle of our astrological charts, Capricorn is located exactly where the light of the Sun has maximum impact. It symbolizes the higher purpose that all of us are struggling to achieve.

At the same time, it is also the place that is the most visible and so it represents a time in which all of us feel like we’ve been laid bare for all the world to see. Earlier, women would remain behind in their dwellings to care for those who could not look after themselves.

It was seen as the right as well as the duty of the men to explore the wilderness and to fight nature herself to ensure that the tribe survived. They battled exposure to all the elements. Be prepared for the reinforcement of rules because Capricorn also governs hierarchy in all its aspects.

Though they are different, the two are united in fight for survival. Cancer works internally and creates a safe space and boosts the spirit of perseverance and determination. Capricorn deals with externalities and works on fame, popularity, and gaining a prominent place in the ranks. Safety and social standing are both achieved when the two combines.

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