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This Is How The Powerful Gemini Full Moon Will Affect The Zodiac Signs

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by Conscious Reminder

On November 23rd, the full moon will be in Gemini. It’s not really a great position. Full moon in Gemini brings with it a lot of temper and stress –terrible emotions you want to purge.

It’s going to affect each zodiac sign differently but the prospects aren’t looking too good. But don’t obsess over it too much. Be aware and take charge of your life.


This full moon will be a bad one for you. Things might just go upside-down. You’ll be too stressed about which way you could move ahead. The good thing about this moon is that you’ll feel more connected with your family. You’ll be more focussed on your significant other and family members. It’s a positive energy we all need. Take a time-out from stress and enjoy the moments with your loved one. Try to be outspoken about what you feel this time and see where it leads you.


You’ll be really confused about what to do and where to go during this particular full moon period. Finances will become an issue for you. Don’t fret over it – that’s how you don’t get to solve anything. Take yourself away from worries for a moment and think things through. You already have the answers you need.


The moon is in Gemini so you can be pretty sure that this period will be great for you. It will be a powerful time. Whatever you had wished is getting in your way. It’s a pretty exciting time to live in but don’t keep your guards down completely. There will be some challenges along the way. Your passion will of course be the centre – and something great might be coming by. Accept it – this period is made for you!


There’s bad news for you this Gemini moon. You won’t be feeling like you are in the right place at the right time. Things will go worse when you engage in any argument with a person you care about. Please don’t make it any worse than it already is. Take control of yourself.


The full moon will be asking you some questions. You must work out their answers. It’s will be an inspiring period for you and people and things around you will help you with that inspiration. But even after all the help, you’re going to feel lost about which path to follow. Decide for yourself based on whatever you know is best. Don’t go for pleasing others. It’s your life!


Some of the misunderstandings that you are facing will get cleared during this period. But somehow, this period will be a time of withdrawal. You’ll move away from people and begin introspecting yourself. Intuition will get heightened and you can feel it. Use it to reflect on the dreams you have and where you are going in life. Don’t stop yourself. Your finances will go well as long as you keep working hard towards what you want to achieve.


You’ll be lost about where you should go during this period. There are many possibilities and you’re searching for the one which you believe would serve your interests in the best way. While the full moon vibes want you to be more open, you always end up opening to the wrong people who’s not out there to help you; be a little more guarded for your own good. If you are involved in an argument, leave it – there’s no win or lose situation here.


The Gemini moon is going to break you down. You probably won’t even realise it but the rest of the period, you’ll be working towards healing yourself from the past. It’s a good sign – remember the importance of self-care and use it for the best.


You’ll be reminded of the great inner power that you’ve within. So when you’re thinking about some serious issues that are bringing you down, don’t forget about this inner strength. Don’t lose focus. You got to get going – you know you are capable of it.


The things that you’re feeling now – that’s what the full moon will make you focus on. It’ll make you realize the connection they have with each other and once you know that – it’ll all look so much smaller. Bothering yourself with them is just a waste of time. But the full moon will intensify whatever you’re feeling so try to relax a bit.


During this full moon, the enemies will be coming out of their hiding. You’ll come across people and many of them wouldn’t like what you say or do and would try to bring you down. Don’t let them control you. Cut them from your life ASAP. They don’t deserve you.


Are you engaging in the right things in your life? This full moon will bring such questions in your mind. If you can’t answer, start bringing in some changes. Don’t restrict your feelings but always be direct when you speak to others. Take charge of your life – for the Mercury retrograde is going to affect communication in ways you wouldn’t want it to.

It’s not really a good time for any zodiac so be careful out there. Best of luck and I hope you can get through all of it. You have the power to do so.

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