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Twin Flames’ Final Reincarnation Cycle

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Twin Flames, like everything else in the universe originate from the Divine source.

Their ultimate goal of the journeys of several lives and cycles of births and rebirths is to once again become a part of that Divine source.

All of us, when we take birth in this world or some other, have one mission, to learn and experience as many things as possible and always striving to awaken our true self.

But when we take these simultaneous births, away from the source, we also stand the danger of cumulating a lot of bias and negative knowledge that bars us from being truly awakened.

Twin flames too have to face this dilemma. Not just that, their task is slightly tougher as they have to do it not just for one spirit, but two.

Though they were one soul during the origin, a great schism was caused by powerful energy going through them. Hence they take births in two different bodies.

But beyond these realms they are one, they are the same and therefore even when they meet here, they are not able to resist the pull of the elements which are deep inside them and are exactly the same.

Their enlightenment is hampered by the fact that they cannot handle the dynamic of their relationship when they meet in this world.

Both of them want to ascend to their origin but their newly acquired knowledge is of no use if they can’t find peace within each other.

Being able to feel complete with each other, helping the other in realizing their Spiritual powers and reaching enlightenment is a very crucial part of their own Spiritual education.

If they do so, they would be able to finally reunite with each other though they still be in different bodies.

Once the Twin Flames have found harmony and unity within each other, they can finally ascend to the divine origin again and end this cycle if rebirths.

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