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Labradorite Stone: Healing Properties, History, Variations, Meaning and Use

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Labradorite is one very beautiful, as well as iridescent bluish grey feldspar with hints of gold, white, and purple.

It is usually compared to the Aurora Borealis as of how various colors shine when it is placed under light. It is also a very mystical, as well as a protective stone which prevents energy leakage and acts as a barrier to negative energy too.

Physical healing properties of Labradorite

This stone is very helpful in healing warts, colds, as well as gout. It can also treat eye disorders and brain disorders. Also, it can help in fighting out the causes of some disorder or disease. This stone can balance hormones, metabolism, as well as alleviate stress and anxiety.

Emotional healing properties of Labradorite

The stone can balance emotions and chakras, as well as the subconscious and conscious mind. It is also very useful in protecting the aura by creating a strong shield or barrier around a certain person. The Labradorite also protects people from projections, as well as judgments which come from other people and it gives them strength and wisdom through transformational periods.

Related to chakras and astrological signs

The Labradorite stone is related to the crown chakra and higher consciousness. It is a very mystical stone which carries some spiritual wisdom.

History of Labradorite

This stone has been found in the Isle of Paul in 1770, and it was named after Labrador in Canada. As the time was passing on, people called the unique optical effect which it shows labradorescence. According to some Inuit legends, the Northern Lights were encapsulated in these stones in order to shine forever. It is also said that it brings a person light so that they can hear their inner voice clearly.

Where can it be found?

Some of the most common places where the Labradorite stone can be found are Canada, Madagascar, Norway, Russia, Italy, Finland, Scandinavia, as well as Greenland.

Variations, rarity, and value of Labradorite

This stone with the highest value is going to have a full spectrum of color in its labradorescence. Some larger slices of the stone are even utilized in architecture, and as countertops, in kitchens, as well as bathrooms while smaller, rarer pieces are utilized in fine and expensive jewelry. The more inexpensive pieces of the stone still have labradorescence, but they are not as vivid as the more valuable pieces, and they are used in pendants, rings, as well as bracelets and as tumbled stones and carvings.

How to use the stone?

You can wear the Labradorite as a pendant in order to keep your aura cleansed, as well as protected. Also, you can place it in your home for protection. Place it on your third eye or crown chakra on the top of your head, in order to activate these energy centers.

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