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How To Get In Touch With The Higher Mind

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by Conscious Reminder

As the connection to your higher mind grows, the bridge between the self and higher consciousness also fortifies.

The higher mind is also known as the spirit, the universe, or the source. At the time of birth, this connection with divine awareness exists. However, with time, a tendency of retreating from this natural state is seen.

As such, after being disconnected from the higher mind, this nourishing source gets replaced with something else: nicotine, alcohol, food, codependency, or perhaps, work. Most spend their whole lives in an attempt to fill the void left behind by the link that was broken.

But, a person can be reacquainted with their higher mind. It comes with developing the power to rise above a person’s conscious mind along with its distractions and impulses. You will discover a place of peace and stillness above it, where you may find some answers.

It is the location where a person can feel the larger picture. It is the location where the mundane becomes trivial. It is also that part whose sole desire is helping you to be happy. It wants to guide you to the correct path of your spiritual and mental development.

When you are going through difficult situations in life, remember to connect to the higher mind. They should open the channel of communication between them and their higher mind once more. After all, the higher mind has always been present as a part of your own self.

Connecting With The Higher Mind

This exercise can help you access the higher mind. You should gather your awareness at the bottom of their feet. Then let the breath assist you with transferring this conscious energy up through the body and into the universe via the top of the head.

It should be imagined as a funnel that expels the consciousness in the body. You can then reach outside the body and merge into the outside place. This is being one with your higher mind.

After this, you can ask the higher mind questions. It can be asked anything, from guidance regarding a person, to how to increase your reception of it. Ask the questions one at a time.

Answers can come in different shapes and forms, but you must accept what comes. Then gradually you must bring yourself back into the present, in an opposite direction.

You should not be worried if there are no immediate answers. It may come from unexpected times and places. With practice, you can seek insights from the higher mind any time you want.

Your oldest friend, the spirit, might enter once more through the connection.

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