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The Cancer Full Moon On December 22nd Is A Gentle Giant, Ending 2018 On A Positive Note

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by Conscious Reminder

The upcoming Full Moon falls in the emotional but strong Cancer on 22nd December. It marks the end of the year, but it also represents a point of a fresh new start. It will be a well balance concoction of old and new energies.  

This is the last ‘regular’ Cancer full moon for a while till 2020, as every next Cancer lunation will be an Eclipse.  It also falls at zero degrees bringing in immense possibilities with it. At the end of the year, the full moon is wrapping it all up and plunging everyone into the future. It’s time to let go and move on.

Moving Forward

The past makes us who we are, but it’s also gone forever, and can never return to us. We have learned what we could from it, and we are still learning. But is there any use in regretting the past? We have the present to control and the future to look forward to. The past is out of our lives, left behind. We cannot go back to. It’s time we surrender all our grief and past regrets to Mother Moon and cherish the soft motherly light that it casts over us. It’s a new beginning, and with the blessings and energy of the Full Moon, we can have enough courage to pick ourselves up and move forward again.

Rising emotions

The water sign, Cancer, is known for its emotional side and sensitivity. It will soften you from inside and make you one with your soul. You can listen clearly to the music of the universe now. You can perceive and respond to the calls of the Cosmos all around us. However, do not let your emotions take complete hold of you. Stay above it and know that you are in control too. Recite mantras and use crystals to preserve your energy from draining away completely. Cancer rules over home and family, so be prepared to face some issues in family matters. Don’t run away with your emotions – consider everything objectively and bring in the positive side of your Cancerian-self. Selflessness and forgiveness are you strong points – put them into practice. Listen, instead of coming up with solutions – we all need an ear that can listen to us. You will learn a lot more about other people and their points of view when you are not shutting yourself out or getting clouded by your emotional self.

Connect with the cosmos and yourself

Cancer Full Moon gets you connected to the world around you. It marks the entrance to a new journey that is laid out in front of you for the years to come. In 2019 and part of 2020, a flux of Eclipse cycles involving Capricorn and Cancer will shower their energies upon you. It’ll be really exciting when the emotional water sign Cancer mixes with the practical earth sign Capricorn. Like sea and land, they will clash but they will settle together if we keep ourselves in control. In the gentle light of the moon, observe the world around you – it’s speaking to you, telling you the story of your life. Look back at your achievements, at the things that you have achieved till now, the blessings, the blissful moments that have made you the wonderful being that you are now. They all mean something and the Full Moon is showing them to you. Before the year ends, reassesses yourself, understand your true potential and turn to face the coming year. You are more powerful than you think – you can easily make it. The future calls us. Let us take a step back and be one with the people around us and with ourselves. Feel the energy surging within. 2019 is near and it’s going to be a better and brighter year to live in.

The Full Moon brings 2018 to an end, but a positive one – let’s accept it and move forward, leaving everything from 2018 behind. 

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