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The Symbolic Meaning Behind The Celtic Tree Of Life

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by Conscious Reminder

Although the symbol of the Celtic Tree of Life was made quite famous because of its modern usage in décor and art, the importance that it has stretches back to the earliest Celtic people.

For them, the Tree of Life has been a significant symbol which accented the cycles which dominate the planet Earth and nature too.

The beliefs of the ancient Celtic people.

These people have been a culture focused on nature, so trees played quite an important and huge part of the spiritual, as well as religious rituals and beliefs which they had.

Because of that, a lot of rituals, as well as symbols contain the tree concept, and this particular one, the Tree of Life has been the chief standing among them. This tree represented every interaction which existed between various natural forces.

Also, it shows how the equilibrium of this tree allows balance and harmony which we actually see in this world of nature. A lot of individual trees actually group together in order to form a forest, and each of them rely on protection which that forest, in fact, gives them.

Also, the forest provides insects and animals with a living place, warmth, supplying shelter and even food. Then, those insects and animals die in that way providing nutrients for our soil. After that, the nutrients feed all the trees in the forest, enriching the woods with more trees and habitat for other animals and insects.

The idea about nature being a harmonic and interconnected birth cycle, death and life, actually is the center of a lot of Celtic traditions, so this is the reason why this Celtic Tree of Life has been such a significant symbol for them.

What does the Tree of Life symbolize?

This tree was an enduring and widespread symbol, and because of that, it gained a lot of symbolism over the years. Most of that comes from its original and unique symbolism, but it has also grown with the time because some other cultures borrowed it too.

The Celtic Tree of Life consists of wisdom too:

  • Mother Nature – Harmony and balance of the world of nature are a good-oiled machine which keeps all the powers balanced with one another for the benefit of life.
  • Age and wisdom – Respecting the older members of the Celtic tribes has been of greatest importance because they have been the most experienced and wisest people.
  • Rebirth and growth – When life ends, another one is born, so from those challenges that are the hardest, we will gain more.
  • Linking realms – These people had their beliefs that the trees tied anchor in every one of the three planes, using the roots in the underworld, as well as their balances in heavens.

All of the symbolism comes from the ancient Celts, or even earlier because historians believed the symbol comes from Norse people, but actually applies to us nowadays.

Just like the Tree of Life of the Celts, we have cyclical and eternal struggles as human beings. Also, there is not a winning life or nature, but it is everything about our journey.

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