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9 Signs That Show You Are Emotionally Dependent And Not In Love

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by Conscious Reminder

Most of us struggle a lot with emotional dependency. And as you become aware of what it is, you will find you can avoid it with ease and for someone unfortunate enough to be in its grips, you can overcome.

Emotionally dependent people are unwilling and unable to accept that they are adults. You are somehow stuck in a time zone and prefer being childish before the people in your lives.

You cannot or refuse to address even your needs, let alone being there for someone else. You are totally dependent on someone else.

Signs That Show That You Are Dependent Emotionally

1. Hold Them Back

Your partner is constantly held back from the things they want to do or may wish to do. The constant attention that you crave holds them back and they are forced to live your life instead of living a life themselves.

2. Blame Them For Your Feelings

Emotionally dependent people always blame everybody but themselves for their problems, especially those close to them. You are liable for yourself and blaming others will only expose you.

3. Agitated In Their Absence

You are agitated whenever your partner is away and remain in that state till they get back. A phone call that doesn’t come on time makes you jittery. You always think that they might have deserted you.

4. Forever Dependent

It seems that you are just not made to exist in their absence. Your survival depends on them staying in your life.

5. Only Yours

You live in your little world where the only inhabitants are you and your partner. Everyone else is emotionally excluded, even friends and other family members. Relationships can change and you need to recognize that.

6. You Are Nothing Outside Your Partner’s Mandate

You look up to your partner to validate your self-esteem. Without them, you do not exist. Regain your confidence and try to let go of that crutch that is your constant companion.

7. Mirror Images

You mold yourself in the likeness of your partner. You erroneously believe that it will please them. Their likes and dislikes, taste and mannerism, all become yours. It makes your partner irritated because you are living a lie.

8. Your Partner Has To Constantly Endorse You

You believe that your partner’s your whole life. In your bid to please them, you even forsake the things which you wish to do.

9. You Desire To Constantly Control Your Significant Other

You consider them your personal property. Neither do you trust them nor the people around you. The constant fear of losing them makes you paranoid and you are tense most of the time.

If you can relate to these signs, you need to learn to correct your ways. Love is a beautiful thing and everyone deserves to be cherished in it.

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