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Capricorn New Moon Solar Eclipse Ritual: Stay Open For The New Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

On January 5th-6th, a partial Solar Eclipse will occur in Capricorn, opening a different path for all of us. In this new time, we need to change our ways, accept ourselves and what the planets are bringing forward.

Be open to new possibilities. But it is easier said than done. We need to center ourselves with the universe and find a way to manifest our aspirations. This ritual will help you accept the new year and the energies that it brings. It should be done from 4th January to 17th January, 2019 for the best results.

Ritual for Capricorn Solar Eclipse

What you need:

∼3 small coins or pennies
∼A tool for smudging of your own choice
∼A white candle
∼3 garden leaves (Mint leaves and bay leaves can be used too)
∼3 small pieces of paper
∼A pencil or a pen

1. Smudge to cleanse

Use your favorite smudging tool to smudge your surroundings and your aura. When you are smudging your aura, repeat your choice of mantra, similar to this:

“Now, I cleanse my body from all the energy brought by the past year. I cleanse my back and my front and release myself from the energy brought by past year. Now, I am empty. I am open to receive the energy of the new year. There are many blessings coming in my way. There are many blessings coming in my way. Now I am One with my inner self. I’m now One with the Cosmos.

When you begin smudging your surroundings, chant this mantra or any other mantra that you have composed:

“I cleanse my house. I clean my surroundings. Let love and happiness fill this cleansed place. My house is secure. My house is safe. Now, it is cleansed. Let lights come and fill this cleansed place. Only love can live here”

2. Setting up the ritual

Light the white candle and place the paper, leaves and coins before it in rows.  Keep the pen on the side. The ritual is set.

3. Relaxing yourself

Shut your eyes and inhale10 deep breaths. Feel the expansion in your stomach. Breathe out and feel it contract.

4. Manifesting

Once the breathing has cast off all worries and anxieties from your mind, pick up the pen and note down a thing that you would want to manifest in, this year. Don’t limit yourself – think big! Now fold the piece of paper and gently place it above the one leaf.

5. What do you want to feel?

Now pick up another piece of paper. Think about the one feeling, an emotion that you wish to experience the most during this year. Write it down. Fold the piece of paper and just like before, place it one another leaf.

6. Cast your wish

Now pick up the last paper piece, and scribble down a wish that you want to come true. It can be anything you want, and it doesn’t have to be about you either. Are you an empath wanting to heal the world? You can ask for World peace or a cure for cancer too. Don’t bind yourself – go wild and wish what you really want.

7. May our manifestation happen

Pick up the first leaf with the paper on which you have written about the manifestation and then put a coin on top of it. There will be a little stack: the leaf placed at the bottom, the page on top and above all that will be the coin. Fold the leaf so that it covers the coin and paper as much as possible. Hold and cover it with your palm and chant a mantra:

“Within me is the power to manifest. There is power in me to bring out my best. I know that my wish to manifest (insert you manifestation) has been accepted. My request is already in motion. Thank you, Sun, thank you Moon, for listening and putting my request in motion”

Once you have chanted the mantra, inhale and breath out on the bundle. Imagine that your energy is leaving you and charging the leaf bundle in your palm. Once you have charged it up, put the bundle on the side.

8. May we feel our chosen feeling

Pick the next leaf with the paper on which you have written your wish and repeat the process. Chant the mantra:

‘I know what I need to feel this year. I know I can feel (insert the feeling you have written). I will only accept that feeling in my life. Let it come now. Let the universe make it happen and fill my heart with the feeling (insert the feeling). I hope the feeling (insert the feeling) will not be overwhelming and will help me in my journey. I will thank the universe for it.”

Just like before, breathe out your energy on this bundle and keep it to one side.

9. May our wishes come true

Like the previous two methods, take the last bundle and chant:

“As the Moon and the Sun align, I make this wish for (Insert wish here). Receive my wish, attend to it, and Take your time, for I believe it will be fulfilled. I possess all that I have required. I have received all that I had asked for. I believe this too shall come true. Thank you to the planet and the stars”

Breathe into the bundle and keep it to the side.

10. Calm yourself

Take 3 long and deep breaths to make your mind calm. Centre yourself. Now, put your palms together and enter a prayer position. Give your thanks for all that you got this year, and thank the cosmos for granting your wishes. Now, extinguish the candle.

11. Let the universe listen

Take the bundles of leaf outside and bury them. Do this before the end of 48 hours after the ritual.

Be calm, be happy. The new year is bringing a lot of joy in your life. Let it fulfil its promise.

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