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The New Moon Solar Eclipse Rising Today In Capricorn Will Affect Your Love Life

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by Conscious Reminder

Capricorn is an Earth sign. It loves planning, structure, and being grounded. It does not go out of its way for risky things. However, the Capricorn season is already here, started on December 21st and continues till January 20th. 

Since the planets have already decided how we need to work during this season, it is time for us to and ground our relationship better – being together and in love is just not enough. The New Moon rising January 5th in Capricorn will try to bring something of value into our relationships if we can plan and work on it a bit more.

It’s coupled with a double-dose of cosmic energy since the Sun and Moon will be in the same zodiac sign during both the New Moon and the partial solar eclipse on January 5-6.

In short, it’s the perfect recipe for some powerful New Year’s goal-setting in all areas of your life, especially when it comes to love and relationships!

Here we give you 5 ideas you can use to deepen your relationship during this Capricorn season:

1.  Go for a self-discovery workshop together

Capricorns love to work together. They are hard-working and are capable of achieving great things if they work with one another. Imagine how amazing your relationship can turn out to be if both of you work together for a common goal this New Moon in Capricorn.

Go for a self-discovery program. Think of it as a way to define and deepen the relationship that you are now committed to. Capricorns love a structured way of life, so do make sure that you plan it out properly ahead.

2. Be a volunteer

Since Capricorns love a structured lifestyle, they can be of great use in community services. Of course, we all need to have some meaning in our lives, right? This Capricorn season, help the community by putting both of you at the center of it.

Doing something great for the community and doing it together will be a great way to fortify your relationship. And if you are single, then don’t get too disappointed. Trying to volunteer for the right communities will help you meet some like-minded people too. Chances are, someone is just waiting for you out there as you try to help others.

3. Go for a journey back in time

Capricorn loves the culture and tradition of the past. So, to build up your relationship during the Capricorn season, make sure you can put yourself in tradition, in areas where such traditional symbols are preserved. Where? The museum of course. Now, don’t get too excited and visit the Museum of Love or something – that should be reserved for Fire seasons.

Rather, go for the classic one – an Art Museum, if you can. A journey into the artistic past would make your relationship more grounded than before. However, make sure that this journey has a structure to it. Remember, Capricorns love structure – so make a guided plan and stick to it.

4. Read a book together

Relationships are a lot of work and it’s quite necessary that you work on it over and over again. One of the best ways to make the relationship stronger is by reading relationship books. So are you going to read it alone? NO – relationships are a two-way street – even the books you read is best read together.

Get your hands on books like Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman or Getting the Love You Want by Harville Hendrix. Make sure you have a book plan before you start reading. Structures are important this Capricorn season and I could not emphasize it more. If you find it difficult to concentrate together, maybe go for couple therapy.

5. Visit the mountains

Capricorn is represented by the mountain goat and there is a reason for it. It is an Earth sign and it loves to be close to nature, to earth. It loves to work and be grounded. What’s the best place for nature and work? 

The mountain tops! Not only do you get scenic beauty, but you also have to trek to get a better view – work and nature combined. It’s just the relationship booster you need. Pick a place to hike together, snuggle in the cold, make sure you follow a plan and work towards achieving what you have set out to conquer.

Go for adrenaline-rushing skiing. The Capricorn season will fire up your devotion to each other during and after your strenuous and exciting tour is completed.

Capricorn is not a passionate sign, but a grounded one. The Capricorn season is the best time to ground your relationship on two foundation blocks – loyalty and trust. Do not break either of them – and you’ll be able to nurture your loving relationship for a long time.

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