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Have You Heard About Dream Telepathy? Studies Prove That Humans Can Communicate With Each Other While Dreaming

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by Conscious Reminder

New studies reaffirm the idea of human communication while sleeping, also known as dream telepathy.

As the name suggests, it is the ability to consciously or unconsciously communicate with fellow humans while sleeping (Dreaming).

The concept of dream telepathy is not a new one. In fact, many great scientists tried to apprehend this mysterious phenomenon. Sigmund Freud tried to understand the implications of dream telepathy on psychoanalytic thoughts. On multiple occasions, he accepted the influence of telepathic ideas on the thought process of humans.

Carl Jung also believed in the idea of dream telepathy. Jung went on to try to explain the paranormal activities by devising a hypothesis. It is quite obvious that many great minds of the world believe in the study of ‘Supernatural’ phenomena. Nikola Tesla once said, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Experiment And Results

Montague Ullman, in the mid-1960s, began a series of experiments to test his hypothesis that humans can be made to dream selectively about randomly-picked ideas. In simple terms, the aim of the experiments was to test if people can choose to dream about the things that they want to dream about by thinking about them before going to bed.

Soon after these experiments began, people all across the world began to take interest in it and thus Ullman was given company by Stanley Krippner (A master in the field of parapsychology and dreams.)

The experiments required a sender and a receiver who were made to meet each other just before sleep and then put to sleep in separate rooms. The sender was given an envelope about what to think during the sleep and the receiver was then purposely awakened to report about their dreams. These experiments continued for more than 10 years and they yielded significant results.

A Very Significant Session

Once, in a now memorable session, the receiver was shown the print of “School of Dance”, by Edgar. The print depicted several women taking dance classes. When the receiver was asked to report about his dreams, he used phrases like “I was in a school where around 10 people were there. One little girl was trying to dance with me.”

Many other sessions have also proved that there is in fact some level of dream telepathy even among total strangers. Although we still are not able to tell why and how dream telepathy works, we know for sure that it exists.

Possible Explanations!

Now with the knowledge of quantum physics, we know that there are vast interconnections between almost everything in the universe. But we are still not able to understand how two minds are connected in dreams, where the reality is completely different from the reality of this world. But the quantum interconnections are the best possible explanation for us at this moment.

With more and more studies being conducted on the subject, we are able to get more data about it and thus maybe one day we’ll be able to tell how dream telepathy works.

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