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Tonight’s Venus-Ruled Full Moon In Taurus Is All About The Real And Tangible

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by Conscious Reminder

Governed by Venus, this Full Moon brings to the fore comforting emotions and the importance of safety, security, and nourishment.

Rather than just concepts and ideas, this Full Moon requires tangible, solid, proof that can be seen, felt, touched, smelled and heard. More than evidence, it also needs to be reassured so nothing is too over the top for this Moon.

Quite a few things that we haven’t paid attention to in a while are coming back to us now and we don’t particularly like that. This leaves us looking for other options which is well beyond the normal escalation that takes place during the Full Moon. Venus is currently right in the middle of her retrograde and she wants to know the impact of her movement.

On the 5th of October, Venus began her retrograde movement and ever since then, she has been sifting through what we want, whether we’ve received whatever that is and if those things still hold meaning. Past relationships, projects, money troubles, tangles with authorities and carnal desires are crashing in like waves and it is very easy to allow these things to take over your sense of rationality.

These visits, welcome or unwelcome, would have changed things for you. They would have given you the chance to reflect on these situations. Some may seem relevant now and you might wish to investigate them more. A few of these bonds would now appear like they belong only in the past because they don’t deserve to be part of your present.

Each decision you have made is close to your heart and you would have gained knowledge that improved your own perception of yourself. Venus being in retrograde and near the sun puts her directly opposite to this particular Full Moon. Though the Tauran Moon doesn’t want to let go, it is now being slowly persuaded to do so.

Now is the time to release your hold on the things that don’t serve you well. Uranus moved into Taurus a few months ago and this is the first time since then that we’ve had a Taurus Full Moon and so Uranus now wholeheartedly works for change along with the Moon.

A sudden revelation might occur that has the potential to sever an old connection. There may be no other choice but to say farewell. At the same time, an encounter with love is likely to occur out of the blue so you will soon find the comfort you need to soothe your pain.

Organized Saturn stabilizes the interaction between Uranus and the Moon. You may depend on the changes wrought by the Full Moon to endure for some time to come. There is a sense of fate surround this Full Moon. At its southernmost end, it symbolizes what has been and when you look to the north, it is guiding you into your future.

Suspending us between different worlds is the grand cross and each of its aspects will interact with an aspect of the Full Moon. Venus in Retrograde with the assistance of the Sun will keep exploring and re evaluating all that has passed. The Moon with Uranus will break away from what has been and clear a path for all that is to come.

Remember to relax and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. Think about what you’ve lost and what you’ve gained. If something is holding you back, cut that cord without hesitation. Enjoy all that you have in this moment and acknowledge that which gives you a sense of security.

When you think about safety and love and that brings a person to your mind, tell them that. This is even more important if it is not something that you would usually do.

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