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4 Rules For Emotional Detachment

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by Conscious Reminder

When people hear these two words, detachment and emotional release, they feel selfishness and coldness.

Understanding the first word, detachment, within a context of personal growth, will withhold strong inner value which every person has to learn how to develop.

When you practice detachment, it does not imply that you give up everything that’s important to you or break useful bonds with the ones you love, but it means that you know how to appreciate them, love them and engage in a relationship with them having a healthier and well-balanced perspective.

On the other hand, emotional release permits you to live honestly, grow, and advice wisely, without causing pain to anyone.

These are the four laws of emotional release and of detachment too:

1. Take responsibility for your own actions 

You are the one that created your life, as no one else has the ability to live or breathe just for you, or even bear the pains and sorrows you feel. Every single step that you are taking is quite important in that walk.

Keep this law in mind which will help you understand that, simply, you are the person that has the responsibility for own yourself. Not your parent, not your spouse, not your children – it has to be you. 

You are not supposed to blame other people for your actions. Also, don’t think that you will need an ideal partner to be lead a happy and fulfilled life. You are enough yourself.

Don’t take other people’s opinion as a measure of your happiness and satisfaction, as you are not going to achieve anything else, but pain and suffering. Other people cannot meet your own needs. Also, remember that you need to grow up and take responsibility for your own actions and decisions.

2. Living in the present and accepting reality

Often, people find it hard to make peace with life and it’s nature. They forget that nothing is permanent and everything changes. That’s life. ‘Perpetuum Mobile’. Every single thing flows and takes its own course. 

A lot of us still focus on their past and they find it hard to love their present life. Others focus on the future and what’s going to come next. They also get their heads stuck in predicting the future while missing on many great things happening to them NOW. 

No matter how painful forgetting the past can be, you have to accept it. Try to understand that it simply disappeared and learn how to forgive too. This is definitely going to give you freedom and even help you in focusing on important matters – the present, and only the present. Free yourself from the claws of your own past, as the future is not THEN, but it’s NOW. Every next second is the future. 

Free yourself and others

You have to understand that freedom is probably the most healthy, complete and full way of enjoying, as well as understanding life overall. When you are free, you can create connections with other people. So, some of the things which form part of your personal growth are building relationships, loving other people, and most importantly, being loved.

Detachment will tell you that you don’t have to take responsibility for other people’s lives and that they won’t be able to hurt you if you don’t let them. Taking responsibility for someone else is only going to bring you suffering.

In cases like this one, detachment is fundamental.

You can’t win at everything

You have to accept the fact that nothing in this life can last forever. Relationships, life or material possessions are there now, but it doesn’t mean they will stay forever. 

In life you’ll lose some people. Some will get distant, others will move to different place, children will grow up, and some will pass away.

Every single thing in your life is in connection with your practical learning of detachment. You have to understand that all it’s normal and face the situation with courage, poise, and tranquility.

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