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Four Must-Know Facts Regarding The Opening Of The LionsGate On August 8th

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by Conscious Reminder

July was quite a busy month, astrologically speaking. It had loads: a very interesting Blood Moon as well the retrograde motion of Mercury to watch out for. However, things in astrology do not have clear-cut schedules that abide by dates and month-ends.

What is interesting is that the astrological events cycle has not yet finished. Another important event is already underway and due in just five days. What in July was the opening of the karmic gateway, in August is the opening of the Lionsgate or Lion’s Gate. This is a portent in the constellation of Leo.

There will be a conjunction between Mercury and the Sun and the constellation Leo will benefit most from it. However, the sudden burst of energy promises to enlighten all twelve signs of the Zodiac.

The power of 8

Eight is always associated with the sacred, spiritual and divine. Krishna, godhead, was the 8th avatar of the great Vishnu and also the eighth son of Devaki. The Buddha preached of the eight-fold path.

Eight stands for rejuvenation and invigoration. It is something that all Zodiac signs will benefit from, an extra boost of what they need in life, and when they need it in life. Eight is a great equalizer. It makes things level for all people and things. So on this eight day of the eighth month, expect peace, harmony and balance in your life.

The mysteries of Egypt

Sirius, also known as the dog-star, is the brightest of all in the night sky and is easily spottable near Orion’s toe. On August the 8th, the star aligns itself directly will the pyramids of Giza. It also marks the start of the flooding of the Nile River, which made the ancient Egyptians celebrate with joy. It literally made their sandy homeland a fertile oasis, of art and civilisation.

The symbolism of the Lion’s gate opening is not difficult to catch at all.

Harnessing the power of your solar plexus

The Sun will be double the magnificent on this day. The Sun’s energy is as clean in the spiritual realm as it is in real life. Climate change to changes in life, all hail the Sun.

The Lion’s gate is all about the Sun shining brighter on the constellation of Leo. This can however cause you to become a tad too proud. But hey, if you have the good, why not flaunt it? Do not forget to spend some time in the Sun, be it jogging, or plain sunbathing a while.

Focus on what time has to tell

Do not get too caught up worrying about things of the present, like deadlines and work and what not. Work will be there for a long time now and so would deadlines too.

Do not fret.

The Sun and the powers of the constellation of Leo will shine on you.

Leo has always stood for things like self-illumination, deserving and working one’s guts out to get the recognition you want.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t want recognition in life? Everyone. Especially when it is hard earned and well-deserved. This special astrological occurrence promises great potential when it comes to that.

If you have a proclivity to hate yourself, be sure that your mind would be changed, even if only a little. On the 8th, the energies will align to help you appreciate your own worth a little better than usual.

This is just the energy you need to get that boost of confidence in your own self and your own capabilities. This is the time to be worthy of your greatest opponent’s worship: yourself.

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