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Get Ready For Major Changes This Summer Eclipse Season

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by Conscious Reminder 

2020 has been a chaotic year, even though we are just in the sixth month. Well, there is a perfectly good explanation for this.

This year is one of a kind as several rare celestial events have occurred, and are waiting to take place. 2020 will feature seven Eclipses, it’s the maximum capacity per year! Three transforming Eclipses will take place this Summer Eclipse season, on 5th June, 21st June, and 5th July.

Eclipse Explained

The lunar orb orbits around our Earth and keeps changing her form. As she goes from one phase to the next, the strength of her energy and its impact on us changes too.

She independently moves around our Mother Earth in a circular motion. On her path, depending on her position, she forms a perfect alignment with either the Sun, Earth, or both!

Solar Eclipses occur along with New Moons. This happens when the lunar orb obstructs the Sun’s rays from directly reaching Earth by coming in between them.

Lunar Eclipses, on the other hand, occur when Earth blocks the Sun’s rays from reaching the Moon. Consequently, the sky goes dark. The Moon reflects Mother Earth’s dark shadow, resulting in an unusual red hue. Lunar Eclipses correspond with Full Moons.

This Summer Eclipse season, we will witness both kinds of Eclipses!

How Does An Eclipse Affect Us?

Whenever the Moon reaches an Eclipse, our Karmic points get activated. And depending on which lunar node (either North or South) the Moon is in, we feel a push or a pull.

Be wary of making any impulsive moves, but remember that whatever happens, it was most likely going to happen anyway. The lunar Eclipses only speed things up. They make you face your aspirations and desires buried in you and encourage you to take action on them.

What Impact Will This Summer Eclipse Season Have On You?

The 5th June Lunar Eclipse will kick start a new Lunar Cycle in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. The 21st June and 5th July Eclipses will wrap up the last Cancer-Capricorn cycle.

So, we will face new beginnings and endings. Things are likely to get chaotic. The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will push our boundaries and instill an adventurer’s spirit in us. Gemini’s social aspect will encourage us to be more social and express our opinions.

The Cancer-Capricorn Eclipse series started back in 2018 and ends on 5th July 2020. We will find ourselves confronting issues of family and tradition. Make your reconciliations so that you can move on to the next cycle without any extra baggage.

How To Track The Changes This Summer Eclipse Season Will Bring?

Things will be accelerated in the next couple of months, so you should consider noting everything down. Yes, everything. Whatever you think is important, just write it down. You get to choose your priorities. Track your ambitions, desires, or just your emotions. As the Summer Eclipse season peaks, you will notice a considerable change in your life.

You can choose to be active during this time and learn to harness these energies to have a positive impact. The Solar Eclipses will provide you with new and exciting opportunities, but try to calm yourself down as your sense of clarity might get smudged. Meanwhile, the Lunar Eclipse is all about release. Reflect on what has changed since 2018. Take time to think about them, and you can choose to resolve any of the existing issues.

Be patient, and remember to calm yourself down as this Summer Eclipse season is bound to bring a whirlwind of change.

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