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When We Know Our Partner Is Bad For Us, We Subconsciously Do These 9 Things

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by Conscious Reminder

Usually, it is going to be perfectly normal and possible for you to fall in love with someone that is completely bad and not for you. It is a relatively common phenomenon. In fact, it occurs regularly, particularly to those people that have their hearts weak.

However, simply because a person succeeds to provide you with some butterflies in the tummy, does not mean that he or she will be good enough for you.

Keep in mind that your heart may usually betray you by leading you into specific situations which can turn out really bad for you in the end. Because of that, you need to have the ability to keep your emotions controlled – you need to have the ability to balance your feelings using a healthy and reasonable dose of rationality and objectivity. You cannot always let your feelings to get the most out of you as you actually risk opening yourself up to disappointment and heartache.

When you feel physical attraction with someone and in some way you build a physical relationship with that person, you risk blinding yourself from all those unlucky realities of a given situation. Admittedly, there will be certain good parts too so that person can attract you. However, you should not risk closing your eyes to his or her bad parts, and also to the negative effects they may have on your life.

Your subconscious will also be fully conscious of the whole situation, but you simply choose to block such information and details. You will need to have the ability to reach your subconscious completely. Also, you have to pay more attention to the instincts inside you as their purpose is to care for you constantly and ensure you are not hurt in any way.

Love is usually irrational. It is about taking risks even at times when the stakes are high. However, this does not imply that you have to turn off your logic entirely, just because of love. First of all, you need to have the ability to take care of yourself, and even act rationally. You don’t really need to suffer unnecessary stress for love. You should pay more attention to all those signs which your psychology and your body exhibit, in order to better understand your feelings about a specific situation.

So, here, we will present you the nine things which you will do subconsciously when you actually know that the person you feel attracted to is not good for you. They are the following:

1. Losing self-assuredness and confidence.

In fact, this means that your subconscious tells you that the person you are with does nothing for boosting your morale. He or she does not make any effort in order to make you feel that you are also worth in your relationship.

2. Feeling insecure.

A lot of people have insecurities when they are in relationships, and that is quite normal. However, your partner needs to do his or her part and try to relieve such insecurities as best as they can.

3. The need for constant validation.

Usually, you validate your worth on the basis of the perception that your partner has of you, and not on your own perception. You never think that you are a valuable or worth person until you get that confirmed by your partner.

4. Never feeling relaxed or at ease.

When you are in a relationship with someone, you should always feel at ease and relaxed when together. You are not supposed to feel on edge most of the time.

5. Over-analyzing conversations and gestures.

You often feel like there is a need to analyze and read everything that your partner will tell or do for you, as you are never sure about how they feel or even what they think.

6. Keep tabs on him or her regularly.

This is something natural. However, when you are obsessed with continually doing it, it is an entirely different scenario.

7. Turning your life head over heels to accommodate them.

You compromised your most profound standards and morals in order to keep that person in the rest of your life. Also, you changed a lot from the first time you met.

8. Feeling more fear than respect and love.

Most of the time, you feel afraid in your relationship. You feel so scared that everything you do or say is going to affect your partner negatively, so this makes you quite nervous.

9. Stop doing everything you once loved to do.

You lost your sense of individuality as you stopped doing everything that was making you happy and that you loved. You do this as you believe it is the single way of making your partner stay by you forever.

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