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October 2022 Astrology Through Dates: Busy Skies, Busy Lives

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by Conscious Reminder

This October month is going to witness 6 huge planets going retrograde, including Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury. October will also add healing energy but will have to face Full Moon in Aries that will kick-start Eclipse Season, which is a very transformative phase.

This is the first Solar Eclipse that will occur in the New Scorpio Moon on the 25th of October. The next Blood Eclipse in Taurus is scheduled for 8th November. Mars Retrograde will make us reflect and motivate towards challenges but things will feel slow. 

Read more about important astrological events in October 2022. 

1st October: Jupiter Opposite Venus 

Venus looks after the heart, while Jupiter is known for expansion. Thus, it suggests expanding heart energy. Self-love and feelings will be high, so we must breathe deeply and let go of negativity. 

2nd October: Mercury Direct 

9th September saw Mercury stationed after going into retrograde that will continue till 15th October when it will gain momentum again. Instinctive messages, new information, and hidden insights will be revealed that will clear things. We must make difficult contracts and make tough conversations during this time. 

8th October: Pluto Direct 

After being retrograde since 29th April, Pluto is stationed, indicating a new chapter that will bring changes. Several things will end that will bring new experiences in our life. 

9th October: Full Moon in Aries 

This Full Moon in Aries contains volatile energy capable of healing. We must make confrontations since healing will be easier this time. However, we must maintain perspective and remain calm instead of getting lost in the flow of healing energy. Our expectations must be kept in check, and we will finally realize that everything will happen at the right time. 

17th-19th October: Arcturus Gateway 

Arcturus is a super-star that is in alignment with the Sun and reflects high-frequency energy towards our planet. This star signifies abundance, prosperity as well as psychic energies, and the progressive alien race believed to exist there lives with compassion and love. 

22nd October: Star Point of Venus 

The alignment between the Sun and Venus is called the Star Point of Venus and makes now shift to evening from the morning. As the evening star, Venus radiates self-love, indicating we must spend some alone time and prioritize ourselves over others. 

23rd October

a. Scorpio Sun 

The Sun in Scorpio indicates the energy shift inward and encourages us to look within. This might result in deep revelations and understanding. Such a process may bring a certain enlightening fact that is impactful. 

b. Saturn Direct 

After bringing in retrograde since the 4th of June, Saturn is stationed now, which urges us to reflect on the obstacles and hardships that shaped us. God of Karma or Saturn settles karmic debts and rewards hard work. 

25th October: Scorpio Solar Eclipse New Moon 

Past complications need to be resolved, and a few impactful events might unfold. We might have to make clear decisions regarding our future, and this Solar Eclipse will help us by bringing a new perspective. This cosmic event will start a new beginning for our love. 

28th October: Jupiter re-enters Pisces in Retrograde 

Jupiter will re-enter Pisces after May 2021, which will tie up several loose ends and wrap up unfinished business. Repeating issues will ultimately clear up. 

30th October: Mars Retrograde 

From 30th October, Mars Retrograde will make its effect felt since our energy levels will be unmanageable. We might question our inspiration and find it difficult to take action. Many people will burn out and need to recover. 

31st October: The Pleiades & Halloween 

Halloween marks midway between Solstice and Equinox, which gives us access to other worlds. The constellation of Pleiades signifies rebirth after death that will amplify Halloween energies. 

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