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9 Signs Your Personality Is So Deep It’s Intimidating Others

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When we feel alone more than usual, the reason for that may be our profound personality traits.

It is true that people like complexity, but just in theory and not in action, as it may be quite intimidating for them.

This is particularly true for men when it comes to their women: they say that they would like their woman to be complex and deep, and she becomes that kind of woman, they will just scare off because of the intensity in her personality.

This is not something wrong at all, as deep women can wait for the right person and the person that will be able to handle them.

These are the nine signs of having a deep personality which intimidates other people:

They ask a lot of questions.

As they want to understand some things better, they will be inquisitive. They will ask a lot of questions in order to come to the core of the issue, the thought, event of feeling.

They also like to know something more about people, so they ask them many questions. However, they have to understand that when people are not willing to answer, they should not feel offended.

They are extremely and brutally honest.

They don’t like wasting their time talking in details and not going straight to the main point. This is one reason why others love them or hate them.

They consider that honesty is a positive characteristic. However, there are people that will not like when they tell them the truth in their faces, particularly when it comes to some hard truth.

They always know what they want.

With always knowing what they want, they may start working more quickly, meaning others are always going to be in their dust.

So, when they speak their mind, they have the ability to achieve the desired goals, making people feel quite uncomfortable, particularly when those people compare themselves with them and their fantastic self too.

They desire meaningful relationships.

Because they are people that have deep personalities, they expect other people to give them as they give, but they are soon going to be disappointed at the time they realize that a lot of people are just ‘deep’ on their surface.

They are going to know when there is an excellent relationship coming on their way, as it is not going to be forced and they will feel like they can be themselves.

They don’t fear intimacy.

They really desire to share their lives with people that understand them at their deepest core. Sometimes, that may be difficult.

However, this does not mean that they will never such people. They are going to value their friendship and family at the most profound level in order to satisfy their needs for a more profound understanding or intimacy level with the ones around them.

They have the ability to see through other people.

As they are always in touch with themselves, they have better ability to spot certain frauds around them. People find it hard to lie them as they will know when a person is insincere with them. 

This can be intimidating for others as every one of us puts on some shows most of the time.

They adore consistency.

Their profound personality traits require maintenance, meaning they don’t love surprises. They expect that others will do what they promised to do.

Sometimes, they will need more time in order to deal with some problems; however, this is also good as it means that they will spend longer time on working through certain things which other people would only glaze over.

They are intense.

Some people consider them as too intense. They love life, so they also love living it to its fullest.

It is going to give them great pleasure and meaning when it comes to getting as much as it is possible from every life aspect. 

They don’t wait for others.

Their deep personality permits them to be their own friends, and understand their needs from a relationship.

This can mean that they don’t waste their time on some people that do not get them at all, or they will not wait for someone in order to realize their awesomeness. There are other important things they have to do.

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