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How The Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

Get ready for the first eclipse of 2022.

Our worlds are set to be rocked by the April 30th lunation as it will also be this month’s second new moon, also known as a “Black” Moon.

This lunation will be the official beginning of the season of eclipses. As such, you would do well to know as much as you can about this auspicious cosmic event.


Expect some changes in your current financial state as sudden chances to boost income might come thick and fast. You will be getting new resources so be sure to retain a consistent pace while assessing all the options.


There is immense spiritual alignment, change, and personal growth are coming. You are stepping onto the path meant for you while being authentic. Let yourself extend beyond your zone of comfort.


Your psyche is witnessing some very influential work beneath the surface. So it will be vital for you to slow down and give space to restart the spiritual system. Relax and spend time introspecting by yourself so that you will be able to make the most out of the lunation’s lessons.


There are rapid changes taking place in your communities and social groups. So focus on keeping your balance while these shifts take place. The eclipse is making it likely for new connections and friendships to sprout that are better suited for your visions and hopes.


The coming eclipse will be shaking up your public reputation and career. There may be sudden professional opportunities coming in areas where you least expect. They can make you rethink your plans. It is fine to take a better offer.


The eclipse is going to inspire a new urge for adventures so be ready to be uncomfortable. Reply affirmatively to opportunities where you can learn and broaden your horizons. Excitement can be a proper reason by itself to go on a new adventure.


Your life’s emotional undercurrent is experiencing changes. As such, you may stumble upon big discoveries with regard to the intricacies of your relationships. Remain grounded by staying true to the truth and do not ignore problems that keep popping up.


The coming period will have massive evolution and growth for you through new beginnings when it comes to close relationships. You might find someone extremely important or be suddenly clear about your commitments.


The lunation is giving a makeover to the daily routine. So be prepared for shifting responsibilities and workload. You might be put in charge of surprising projects which might force you to switch things around in the schedule.


The lunation has a surprise injection of inspiration and creativity for you. So use it for a passion project that fulfills your soul. Your passions and pleasures are worth the same kind of attention you give to your career goals. Use the energy to nurture the child within you.


Be prepared for some emotional and deep shifts to happen during this lunation. Revelations regarding home life and family dynamics can enter the spotlight in the approaching period. Or, you might also be urged to begin a new journey to heal past trauma and wounds. Have faith in the journey and confront your fears.


You are already deep in the middle of Magic and spiritual growth. This lunation will help in making a more meaningful connection with your surrounding world. New ideas and social connections are surfacing everywhere you look. Keep your heart, mind, and eyes open and ready for changes.

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