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December New Moon Solar Eclipse: Use The Positive Energies To Work On Your Communication

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by Conscious Reminder

Just before the year finally ends, we will be witnessing the last Eclipse of the year.

On 14th December, a New Moon will rise in Sagittarius, which will be accompanied by a Total Solar Eclipse. While New Moons are known for new beginnings, with an Eclipse by its side, this energy will be supercharged.

Time For Gifts!

A fresh wave of energy will bring us new opportunities that will help us reset some wheels of action. The New Moon Solar Eclipse energy will also bring some gifts for us. Saturn’s shift from Capricorn to Aquarius on the 17th will aid this energy of rewards. Every time Saturn changes zodiac signs, it rewards us for the hard work we put in those past months.

The Eclipse energy will be amplifying these rewards. So start thinking in which areas you have grown the most in the last 2.5 years while Saturn was in Capricorn. The challenges you had faced prepared you for the future, and now is the time to reap the rewards!

New Moon Solar Eclipse And The Galactic Center

The Eclipse will take place at 23 degrees of Sagittarius. This is just a few degrees away from what is believed to be the Galactic Center. Strong galactic activations are associated with this highly sensitive degree.

With this potent energy around, expect soul ascension as we prepare for some new opportunities. Ascension symptoms, along with growing pains, will follow. But all of it will ultimately allow us to access our spirit guides and higher self with the wisdom of our intuition.

The Sabian Symbols

Individual messages are assigned for each degree of the zodiac. For the December Solar Eclipse, the Sabian symbol is that of a Blue Bird standing at the entrance to a house. This imagery is a happy one. It is usually interpreted as a loving sign from the higher powers of the universe.

But if you are too busy with distractions, you might just miss this Blue Bird on your porch! The thing to remember here is that while the New Moon Solar Eclipse will bring us exciting opportunities, we too have to be open to them. If we are too busy with our thoughts or lost in something else, we will surely miss the chance. Don’t miss the Blue Bird the universe is sending your way.

The universe sends many blessings and opportunities our way. But it is we who often miss them or are not too open to them. If you want to fully harness the blessings, start focusing on abundance, gratitude, and other forms of appreciation regularly. Shift your mindset from complaining towards gratitude. Wishful thinking or limiting yourself in your thoughts are what stop you from receiving the blessings.

Past Connections

The December Solar Eclipse is highly connected to the themes of the June Eclipses. It is has a strong bond with the 5th June Lunar Eclipse too. Think of the energies you released under the June Eclipse. The empty space will now be filled with the December Eclipse.

With an active Mercury, be very careful with your thoughts. Whatever you think about now will soon be manifesting for you. Keep your thoughts focused on abundance and expansion. Let go of fake positivity and be authentic to yourself.

Acknowledge the mistakes you have made but don’t dwell on them. Instead, think of ways to move forward from there. Mercury’s presence also means we get to connect with our inner divinity. Forget the outside noise and focus on your inner self.

This is the time to heal our relationship with the universe. Our blessings are coming into the light now. Know that at every step of your journey, the universe always has your back. Stay grounded in the energy of this New Moon Solar Eclipse. Let the bright energy of this cosmic event wash your life.

Even when darkness looms in the corners, keep your eyes on the Blue Bird. Unexpected gifts are on your way!

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