Total Lunar Eclipse In Leo On January 21st, 2019: Erratic & Unpredictable Energies

by Conscious Reminder

The Full Moon will undergo a Total Lunar Eclipse on January 21st in the first degree of Leo. Uranus will have the most influence on this Eclipse. Be prepared to face some challenging situation with some uncertain events coming your way.

There’s a chance that you will make it worse because this planetary alignment makes you moody and impulsive. It might make your life go at a faster pace than usual, and since you are not really adapted to it, life will become a bit stressful. Don’t give in to it – keep control and try to adapt to the pace. You can get through it easily.

Lunar Eclipse on January 2019

On 21st January 2019, there will a total Lunar Eclipse taking place at 00°51′ Leo. It will be in conjunct with a few fixed stars that may not have a significant influence on you. However, the Moon squaring Uranus will be the most significant influence on this eclipse.

When the Lunar Eclipse will be squaring Uranus

As the Moon will square Uranus, you will be struck by sudden bouts of mood swings. You will lack the patience to remain committed to a single purpose or objective, and your routine life will start to seem boring. Nothing can hold you back during this period and if someone or something tries to do so, you are going to revolt.

While you are trying to look for something new and interesting, you will continue to have a restless feeling settled within you – as if something new is waiting for you in the future. The eclipse is not the best period for making changes in your life, especially when it comes to close relationships.

While new people will enter your life and make it more thrilling, do not forget your old friends and family. You might have a bad encounter with them resulting in an emotional outburst but be patient and do not lose your sensible side.

When Mercury will square Uranus

When Mercury will square Uranus, you will start getting jittery due to the growing inner feeling that kept you unsettled. Maybe you will receive unexpected news that will shatter all your plans and compel you to alter them. So, it’s better if you do not engage in planning during this period.

There’s also a chance of miscommunication to take place with your close friends which might culminate into heated arguments. Due to the urge to explore the new, you will have a better perspective on the different aspects of a situation that you come across. New friendships will happen but don’t put too much faith in them – they may not be long-lasting.

Always check your plans properly before making any commitments. Your impulsiveness may make you come out with bold promises but keep your wits and think before you speak. It will be best if you could keep an open mind and analyze a situation from a different perspective, especially when you come across unexpected events.

The Fixed Stars Influencing this Lunar Eclipse

The star Pi Puppis at 00°35′ Leo Sign will have a significant effect on the Lunar Eclipse. The star was called Ahadi, in Arabic which means ‘to have much promise’. It was indicative of the good luck bestowed on traders and travelers when they were on sea. However, sea journeys also mean drowning so you need to be careful with the luck that you might get during this period. Present in the Argo Constellation, the star can strengthen your spirit and mind and bring prosperity.

A stronger influence arrives from Altair, the major fixed star that is present at 02°02′ Aquarius Sign. This bright star is located at the neck of the Eagle and indicates boldness, ambition and liberal attitude. However, it also indicates short-lived wealth. When in conjunct with the Sun, the Altair delivers honor and makes you earn favors from your superiors but it can also bring in some losses and ill-health.

A Summary of The Lunar Eclipse

The Lunar Eclipse occurring on January 2019 takes place opposite to square Uranus and Mercury. It will make you a bit impulsive and anxious about how the future will turn out to be. There might be miscommunication and arguments with close people. While new things will be happening in your life, they may not be long-lasting, so putting too much faith in them would be unwise.

While the fixed stars in conjunct with the Sun are powerful and will give you a bit of self-confidence, it does not help much. You may overreact when you come across stressful situations. The best route to take is to keep an open mind and explore any opportunities from different perspectives.

The Lunar Eclipse is not the best one. It will make us become more erratic than usual and our impulsive behavior will bring more harm than good. But keep an open mind and be careful about expressing your thoughts, and you are good to go!

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