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Mercury Retrograde June 18 — July 12: Look Before You Leap

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by Conscious Reminder

This 18th June, Mercury will start its Retrograde and turn direct on 12th July. The celestial body will be in the zodiac Cancer the entire time, bringing us a wave of positive energies. 

Generally, Mercury Retrograde means a breakdown in technology, loss of communication, delays in travel, losing items, and heightened anxiety issues.

But this time, it will be different as Mercury will be influenced by Sirius, brightest among all the stars. Our financial issues will be settled, businesses will succeed, and honor and wealth will grow.

This 18th June, our sense of prudence, deep thinking, and wisdom will also be stirred. We will be encouraged to make practical decisions and listen to counsel under this Mercury Retrograde. Open yourself to wise advice from people around you, and you will surely succeed in whatever endeavors you undertake.

What Does The Mercury Retrograde Mean For You?

Mercury goes Retrograde 3-4 times in a year. Each Retrograde lasts for around 24 days. Mercury’s cycle involves the planet going direct, then Retrograde, and finally direct again.

While a Mercury Retrograde usually means negative things occurring in our lives, this June 2020 Mercury Retrograde will shower us with amazing opportunities.

But before we get into the good aspect, let’s tackle the issues that could be problematic. There will be a tenuous Mercury-Saturn aspect during this Retrograde.

Because of this, you might feel like diving into memory land and dwelling in the past. While reminiscing can feel good, if not kept an eye on, it can be a huge waste of time.

Living in the past can quickly cut time away from your present. Be aware of letting your present go past you.

While Sirius will influence Mercury during this time, you should still take care of your electronics, communications, travel plans, and your thoughts from running amuck. Watch out for what you say because you don’t wanna hurt any of your loved ones in a moment of heat. Take plenty of time to recheck your text messages or emails.

As mentioned before, under the influence of Sirius, this Retrograde will encourage prudence in us and a sense of wisdom and deep thinking. Take counsel on all your business matters.

The key is not to get lost in your thoughts. Communicating should be your top priority. Don’t make any hasty decisions, and absolutely avoid committing to anything that you are not sure of.

Avoid long journeys at the moment. But if it is absolutely necessary, then remember to double-check all your engines.

The Mercury Retrograde zone will be from 5 degrees to 14 degrees in Cancer. From 2nd June till the 18th, Mercury will be in its first shadow phase. From 18th June to 12th July, Mercury will be in an active Retrograde mode. And finally, from 12th July till the 26th, Mercury will go direct.

It is okay to feel a little lost during this Retrograde, after all, we all have been locked up inside our homes for months now. All the energies that come to us are conflicting ones.

While energies unleashed from the Mercury Retrograde will make things chaotic for us, wisdom will be instilled in us through Sirius’ influence. We will also be feeling a need to look back while desiring to make decisions for the future.

The need of the hour is to stop for a second and take a deep dive within oneself. Make sure that you are listening, not just hearing. Talk to your loved one, but most importantly, talk to yourself.

Welcome the energies of the Mercury Retrograde with an open arm and the Cosmos will take care of you.

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