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7 Ways To Get To Know Your Authentic & True Self Better

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Sometimes, life may be daunting, so daunting that having the identity crisis at certain points will be perfectly normal.

Also, although we could feel entirely trapped at the moment, we are not – there is always some way to get out of all this.

In fact, the primary thing we have to do would be to recognize this crisis and move ahead in the appropriate direction.

If in recent times, we encountered several life changes, making us feel out of place a little bit, then we are probably in the middle of the crisis of identity.

But, moreover, simple reasons, together with certain passage rites in life, will present the questions of the purpose in front of us.

To keep going, we have to ask ourselves the following:

What do we want?

Although understanding what we want sounds easy, when we really think about it, we need to think for a more extended period, and better, right before we can appropriately convey what we yearn for in our lives. 

What do we need?

Although our wants are just one thing, there are times when what we actually need will be entirely opposite. How do our needs and wants conflict in our lives?

What could we do without?

In fact, letting certain people, things, and places go is necessary for our lives. Ridding our lives of toxicity will be difficult to begin, but once we see the final result, we are going to understand why we will need it. Sometimes, spending time around toxic individuals or spending time in a toxic environment will drastically affect our quality and way of living.

What are we good at?

In fact, what talents or traits do we have? What are the things we really enjoyed during our lives or how do our talents and traits cross over too?

Which is the way we should take?

Regardless of the fact if this particular question is about our body, spirit, or mind or not, we inherently know our options. To keep going ahead onto the much better ground, which steps would be in order?

Also, what are the past experiences from which we can learn, and make our lives better?

We should think about our past choices and encounters, and ask ourselves about what can we learn from all this if it is monumental. After that, we should apply it too.

Who we really are?

We should write down every single thing on our heart, our dislikes, likes, and our driving emotions. Often, we are going to start finding reoccurring themes or some things which worked as our compass. We should change everything that is bad and create new and good things.

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