Mindfulness Isn’t A “New Age” Thing Hippies Do

by Conscious Reminder

There are moments when people can feel their body tense.

Their heart rate speeds up while it also quickly turns into something such as panic, when they remember that they had to do a certain thing, such as going on a work trip which requires flying in for two weeks.

Then, they start worrying if they will have the ability to get their renewed license in time. This may be something small, but in such moments it may be a quite real problem. They ask themselves how they could let this occur.

In one family, there is only one person that checks the mails, pays every bill, or renews everything which requires it, or even schedules needed appointments.

However, there will be times when he or she will miss one really important mail, such as the one which notifies that something has to be renewed: his or her license.

They probably believed they would not be notified. He or she will go back through his or her mail, and they will see that there is a notification, but it was open!

Maybe their partner did that, so it was his or her fault. But, the person will know that he or she was not paying enough attention.

Sometimes, people go through their emails while they think about other things or do other things simultaneously. A tedious and mundane task overlooked.

What people are supposed to do is remind themselves always to be present and in the now. Sometimes, with all those work responsibilities and with family, this may be challenging, and the things they would have to do or would like to do will pile up as life’s landfill.

Yet, being mindful is not some type of habit. People still have to remind themselves, but there are some days which are much better than other days. Some specific days it happens to be so good than others.

Every one of us should establish the practice of being mindful. We don’t have to be tree-hugging or granola-eating vegans that wear hemp kaftans in order to benefit from our living with mindfulness. It is meant for every one of us.

So, mindful living was said to be simple, however, not that easy too. It will be something which is going to require effort and hard work in this technology-filled and fast-paced world.

There are large and small benefits, or also intangible and tangible. So, it will be important to pay more attention to this world that surrounds us, whether it comes to watching our children sleep, or opening our mail.

In fact, we may stop, take notice, or even say some prayer of gratefulness. We are allowed to take a short break and feel our feet against the floor.

Being mindful is not something which comes from the new age. Simply said, it is all about paying more attention and also giving some space for noticing not just huge moments, but also little sparks which happen when they are not anticipated.

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