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February Astrology: Pent Up Love Energy

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by Conscious Reminder

This February of 2019, we will have a bit of Mars energy on our side. Mars is an especially powerful sign and one of the reasons for that is because it is ruled by Aries.

But it is not only Mars that is going to be part of our energy interaction – there is also Venus which is going to conjunct three points in the sign of Capricorn. These signs are related to the planets which indicate romance and sex, so it is really relevant especially in this month, which is of St. Valentine.

In February, we are moving away from the cold December and January phase and will enter the spring of March. However, there is nothing eventful in February – so why not spice up our love life?

Mars will Square Pluto

At the start of February, we have the Mars squaring Pluto. This alignment will increase your chances of pursuing a date in a very predatory-like fashion. Plus, when Mars squares Pluto, it tends to combine the effects of power and sex as the dynamism present in these planets will have a dominating effect on such a relationship. On the positive side, it will bless you with the courage of someone who has survived a lot. But it can also make you a bully.

Since this will turn up sexual passion a notch, you can experience a form of sexual voraciousness. It will on the high and if you are committed to a partner, you might want to channel this energy. So, there are chances of stalkers coming out into the open and trying to contact you. However, since Venus is going to trine Uranus, it will also bring a boost to romance and love. While this trine will be an amazing move on 2nd February, it is also one of the last ones and will happen again after seven years. So, it’s time for farewells, even if you don’t want to. It’s time for new beginnings.

Mars will conjunct Eris

Mars will conjunct Eris on 3rd of February and this will be a time when your spurned lover would come into your life with a rage. If Eris is exiled or wronged in some way, then they get furious. And with the war-like Mars coming in conjunct, they will have their narcissistic rage on the high, especially, if you have successfully kept yourself stable during the alignment of Mars squaring Pluto.

Sun Will Conjunct Lilith

On February 9th, the Sun will conjunct Lilith. This will feel like your ego is being taken away from a cultural system just like Lilith was. As a consequence, you will find authoritative figures trying to control you. As Lilith moves closer to the Sun, it will get shadowed. You will have your opinion of how the world is working, but people will not appreciate it. Slowly, you might feel like an outcast. But it is just for this time, so don’t get depressed and start going down destructive paths like alcoholism or taking drugs to sooth the agony of being an outcast.

Closer to Valentine

Mars will Conjunct Uranus

On February 13th, Mars will conjunct Uranus and that will bring a lot of confusion in relations or sexuality. Maybe, someone will reveal about their affair or they might become aware and confess that they have chosen the wrong partner and break it off. Since sexuality is a theme during this alignment, someone might find themselves developing a soft corner for a person of the same sex or they might get confused about what their gender is.  A famous person may come out with their sexuality as well.

Venus will sextile Neptune

From February 17th to 22nd you will have the most romantic time of your life. February 17th will make Venus create a sextile with  Neptune which will result in a poetic and a romantic start, almost like a novel. February 18th will see Venus conjunct with Saturn and make it all seem like a fantasy. As Venus conjuncts with Pluto on 22nd February the romance would explode and can end up being physical.

Venus will conjunct South Node

February 26th will bring a phase of evaluation, when you will have Venus conjunct with the South Node. You will start looking at your romantic life and wonder if karma had a role to play in it or whether it was something that was decided in your past life. During this phase, you will have an idea of the style in which the romance in your life is being set up. Eight of your houses are going to be dark and gothic styled and the wedding bells will ring in your seventh house. The tenth house indicates a small office fling. How the planet Mars conjuncts with Venus at Aries will also decide on your love life during this time.

So, it’s a time of love and revelations. February has the support of the planets to bring romance into our lives. Let’s enjoy it.

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