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Tonight’s Cancer Full Moon Brings Pronounced Power Struggles

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by Conscious Reminder

2022’s first Full Moon is soon going to happen and it is taking place in watery, intuitive Cancer.

The Moon has a special affinity for Cancer, and the sign is the most home-like for the Moon. All of us will be able to partake of the harmonious energy at the time of this lunation.

The January Full Moon will peak on Jan 17th. However, usually, we start feeling its energies about 4 days earlier. This build-up phase is when we can connect to the budding energy. During the waning phase of this lunation, we will start settling into everything that has arrived.

The Heavy Influence Of Pluto

A Full Moon is usually a period for letting go. The Full Moon in Cancer, however, may come with heavy air. This means that we will have to put in the effort consciously to break free of everything disempowering or suffocating.

Pluto is the reason behind the stifling heaviness. The planet can magnify any kind of existing pressure, especially relationship pressures. If any themes like these come up, try and think about ways in which the power can be reclaimed.

If we constantly wait for what others do, then our position can feel powerless. So be careful of thoughts that point towards this. Be careful of doing or believing anything based on others’ values and attitudes.

Be careful of thinking conditionally. Waiting for something to happen can very well be a trap. So try and find ways that will let you connect with the calmness regardless of your surroundings.

If you feel oppressed during the Full Moon, then keep in mind that you have the support of the Universe as you move to break free of it. Movement’s healing powers can be especially potent during this lunation.

Movement can be anything – from dancing to just shaking your whole body. They are all good ways of releasing and freeing any tension that has built up.  

Another thing that can be done is simply observe your life’s relationships and dynamics that are making you feel powerless. Then try to think of ways in which you can change such behavior patterns, regardless of the magnitude of change.

Letting Go And Neptune’s Supportive Energy

Creating an affirmation and repeatedly reciting it during situations when you feel powerless can be remedial. But, usually, simply becoming aware of a contributing dynamic is enough for making a shift.

The energies of the Full Moon can also be used to do some release work. So write down the observed dynamics and burn them under the Full Moon to symbolize letting go of them.

There is also softer and sweeter energy floating in the cosmos during the Cancer Full Moon. Neptune’s harmonious position is the source of this energy.

The planet rules over spiritual growth and dreams. Its vibrations are associated with unconditional love and how we are connected with the whole Universe.

Neptune’s beautiful energies will make it easier to tap into the higher, making for an incredible healing experience. Similarly, the Neptunian energies can be used to deepen your spiritual connection, like meditation practices, etc.

Finally, it is also very supportive of creative projects. Actually, Pluto’s power energies coupled with Neptune’s creative energies can create an excellent supportive dynamic for creative work as well as get exposure for that work.

Remember that whatever may be your current situation, you have a team of Divine Spirits as allies. You can work with them to shift and release heaviness, angst, or sadness.

In conclusion, the January Full Moon will have both harmonious and heavy moments. Focus on getting yourself empowered and remember that you will have abundant support from the cosmos in all directions.

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