Walk-ins Experiences & Types

by Conscious Reminder

Has your soul ever been exchanged? Have you sometimes felt strange just like you are someone else, but in your own body?Or, was there a rapid change in your lifestyle sometimes?

If there was, you could be a so-called walk-in type of soul that is right here just like a starseed coming from another different dimension. Often, it can be a considerable challenge and difficulty for you to figure out how you can anchor the expanded awareness in this physical body of a human being.

Different walk-in experiences types.

In fact, a few walk-in experience types exist. There can be exchanges between two different and unrelated souls, which will differ in soul groups, oversouls or monads, who partnered for some specific incarnation.

Other types of walk-ins include primary soulmates from several grouped souls which are governed by one monad, which is the perfect God essence of consciousness.

Just like our brains are to our bodies, the monad is a nucleus from the system which is highly-developed. In fact, it is the final control or guidance center of several grouped souls which includes soulmates, twin flames, or soul aspects like archetypes and personalities: wounded healer, inner child, and critical parents and so on.

The monad is the thing which supplies love, life force, and also the attention which is needed in order to maintain the existence of embodies souls on the planet Earth or non-physical realms too. The personal monad of every person has the responsibility for his or her evolution because it makes sure that every aspect of the person’s being is working in harmony and balance towards the soul integration.

From a spiritual point of view, one monad has twelve oversouls, each of them having twelve personalities, which means 144 aspects of the soul.

There are bodies on the planet Earth that hold space for a lot of souls in one group to pass through over one lifetime. The walk-ins, in fact, are just like some space in which soul aspects or just a soul can stay for some time and after that keep going after completing the mission.

Soul exchanges and walk-ins can appear in several variations, so we are not supposed to get caught up in labeling our experience. Every one of us is authentic and unique, which depends on the situation of our natal soul, also the incoming Spirits’ backgrounds, and the evolutionary condition of the planet Earth during the walk-ins.

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