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What A Twin Flame Is, And What A Twin Flame Is Not

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As always, we write/teach/counsel from our own experience, and since we are hot and heavy in the midst of our own twin flame union (together full time) I feel called to write on this topic.

There is so much confusion about what a twin flame is and I’d like to add our perspective to the mix, based on our experience and working with clients and others going through twin experiences.

First, what a twin flame is not: ~ A free ticket to paradise (it’s a ticket, to be sure, but there is a “fee” to be paid ?

~ The one who will always unconditionally love and accept you in 3D life (they always love and unconditionally accept you as a soul, and once you both have healed all of your “stuff,” yes in 3D life too, but the way to get there is by triggering each other and guess what, that does not feel like unconditional love and acceptance when it’s happening.  Yikes!)

~ A relationship that goes through the typical “stages” from a psychological perspective.  Twins, as they ascend, go through multiple stages at each level — it is not linear or predictable as the journey is orchestrated by the souls involved.  You cannot tell from day to day what “stage” you are going to be in.  It makes for quite a wild ride, we can tell you!

~ A relationship whose primary goal is to bring you personal peace and happiness.  It’s primary goals are to zoom you up the ladder into your own ascension, help heal the world template of the old paradigm of love and masculine/feminine relating and bring in a new one, and often a special “mission” or life work that the twins intend to create together.  Twin reunion is not just for you and your twin, but the for the planet as well.  It is in some ways a journey of service at heart.

~ Easy, in any way shape or form.  Our twins challenge every aspect of us that are still caught up in negativity, wounding, false beliefs, etc.  The challenge is constant and unrelenting and it can be so intense at times we aren’t surprised many twins end up running for the hills.  It asks everything of us we think we can do, and more.

What a twin flame is:

~ Your soul’s very best friend in all of existence.  No matter what it looks like on the surface, your twin is ALWAYS serving you and your awakening, even if (and often especially when) that means triggering your most painful stuff.  We can forget this and blame our twins for our pain, but this is our egos not understanding the process.  Your soul knows this.

~ The one who is perfectly designed to work with your soul to orchestrate your ascension and awakening.

~ The one with whom you feel complete and whole, even in the midst of the all of the growth and the triggering.  There is just “something” about your twin that is the deepest homecoming you’ve ever known.  For us, our longing for “home” went away when we connected, and when we are apart we have a deep sense of being away from home.

~ Will wake up your bliss centres and expanded states of consciousness, gifts, talents, and life purpose.  It is almost impossible not to be on your life path while with your twin, it just doesn’t work. Twin reunions “force” us to align with our divine blueprint for this life, and that often means major “course corrections” because of 3D decisions we have made while out of alignment with our blueprint.

~ Will connect you instantly to your soul and work very hard to keep you there.  As above, it is impossible to be with your twin and not be connected to your soul.  It is an absolutely incredible phenomenon — a one-way ticket to Grace.  Once you connect with your twin your life will never be the same.

~ One of the very deepest gifts (if not the deepest of all) you can receive as a human in a body.  The gifts that come along with twin reunion are unfathomable until you experience them.  There is truly nothing like it on Earth.  It is worth every ounce of pain and challenge you have to go through.  It is all serving you anyway even when it’s painful, and what you receive is extraordinary riches far, far beyond what either of us have experienced.  What we give to the world together has also gone far, far beyond what we do alone.

~ The one whose gifts and talents exactly harmonize with yours in order to create something greater.  This is twin physics at its finest, and still continues to amaze us with it’s absolutely harmonious design.  We’ve seen in it others as well, this combining of gifts in a perfect yin/yang circle.

So these are a few thoughts on the nature of twins & we will continue to share as we journey on…

Blessings to you all,


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