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Three Zodiacs Most Likely To Find Their Soulmates Despite Social Distancing

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by Conscious Reminder

This entire year has not been good for anyone. It can be especially overwhelming if you still haven’t found your soulmate.

Love is something that should be experienced by everyone. But during this time of quarantine, it seems far from reality.

Several planetary Retrogrades are happening right now, so finding a stable connection is more than difficult.

Moreover, as Mars turns Retrograde now, our love life will experience a stale moment. But don’t worry, Jupiter will soon start its Retrograde, and that will be a harmonious time to build true and lasting connections.

Here are three zodiacs that are more likely to be lucky during this quarantine than the rest!


This zodiac is represented by a ram, and they are famed for their directness and tenacity. Aries are perfect in holding long-distance relationships as they plan. They don’t just fall in love without accounting for reality.

They are highly engaging and passionate about the things they care for. All these qualities make them number one on the list of people who will find their soulmate during this quarantine.


Cancers are emotional creatures. Because of their loving, caring, and nurturing nature, some people even find them overwhelming and needy. But that’s a thing of the past. Since everyone is in quarantine right now, people are in extra need of love and attention.

This is what Cancerians bring to the table right now. Due to their caring nature, they get people to open up easily as well. If a Cancer tries to find online love during this quarantine, they will definitely succeed.


This might come as a surprise to some people since Scorpios are notorious for having many casual relationships. That is precisely the point.

Scorpios are passionate and loyal when you earn their trust. Since it’s quarantine time, they can now focus all their energies into finding their soulmate. Once they find a real connection, it will be strong and long-lasting.

Zodiacs, take note. If your zodiac hasn’t been mentioned, don’t worry, you can still take inspiration and try.

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