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What Does It Mean When Your Aura Is Purple

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Purple is a beautiful colour and having it in your aura is very special because it is not a common colour.

The purple colour symbolises creativity, enlightenment and ideas. You have all these qualities when your aura is purple. Other than these, purple aura also linked to cleansing and healing of the soul.

What Purple Aura has to do with the Spiritual Balance?

It is really a good to have a purple aura as it is the indicator of soul healing. When the aura becomes purple, it means easiness of mental and physical pains. The purple color is associated with the divine; you can meditate on the purple color if you want to activate the deeper awareness.

Traits of People having Purple Aura:

People having a purple aura are highly sensitive and have the ability to understand emotions of others very easily. When there is an increased amount of purple in the Aura, the mystery becomes a part of life.

These people have an intuitive mind, and they love to explore. They always want to know more and show interest in new subjects. This trait makes them highly intellectual and knowledgeable.

The friend’s circle of these people is not very big. They have very few friends, but they are quality ones. Their luck in love is not too good, but when they find their soulmate, they remain loyal and true.

They have a deep connection with animals as well, and they are nature lovers. They can understand the emotions of animals and care for them.

The Meaning of Purple Hues:

The difference of shades and clarity of the aura have different meanings. From dark to light, there are different purple hues and having them in the aura affects you differently; but overall, the association of purple color with the healing remains constant.

Dark Purple: This colour indicates that you need to balance yourself, but before that, you need to cross a hurdle.

Clear Purple: As the colour is clear, so are its effects. It specifies that there’s a balance between mind and heart.

Indigo: This hue indicates an intuitive person who sees things differently and deeply. This color is connected with the pituitary gland and third eye. It also tells that either it is fully open or about to open.

Lavender: It is the colour of the dreamers; if your aura is purple, it shows that you have an active imagination. It also specifies that the life of the person is more on the astral than the physical plane with the mind filled with different kinds of fantasies.

Violet: Crown chakra is of violet colors and associated with the nervous system and pineal gland. Aura of the psychics and artists usually has this color. It indicates the state of equilibrium with deep awareness and sense of spirituality. It doesn’t show the emotional state but the spiritual one.

The aura doesn’t remain the same all the time and changes with time. The color interpretation also varies on the individual’s health, hobbies, likes, and dislikes and even on the reader of the aura. But, overall the purple color is connected to spirituality.

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