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Your Leo Season Horoscope Is Here: Things Are Heating Up

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by Conscious Reminder

The 2021 Leo Season will begin on 22nd July. It is coming to heat up things and give the spotlight over to our passions.

Our confidence and our boldness will be getting a major boost by the fun-loving and fiery energy of Leo. Our star power is going to be brought out by the Sun.

This season also has two full moons which is a special and rare occurrence. Get ready to embrace the fun of fiery Leo, and see how your zodiac signs will be affected.


Aries is a fellow fire sign, so your love life will be heated up due to Leo. All kinds of lighthearted and fun romantic opportunities are heading your way. So go where your excitement leads you, and enter with your flirtiest personality. Right now, you can bring some fresh inspiration and joy to relationships.


For those who are Taurus, nothing will sate your craving for luxury like treating yourself royally while being comfortable at home. Make the living space a canvas for the creativity within you. Spend some important time with those who nurture you – such as your closest friends, and family.


This month, your mode for being a social butterfly will be activated. Your chart’s communication sector is being lit by Leo season. So you will be very confident when you express yourself. Both your personal and work calendars will be filled with plans. So let your charm in conversation shine.


Cancers are getting a huge boost in confidence this season. So it is time to prioritize your desires the most. You are discovering more value in who you are becoming, so do not let the momentum go. Get yourself something luxurious and special that will make you be the star you are.


All the world’s spotlight is now on you. You are this season’s crown jewel. So accept your most real self, and ensure it leaves a mark in whatever you do. Use the bold and creative energy to glam yourself up. It’s the time for selfie spam, and maybe even ask that crush out.


You will be more confident in your intuition this season. So be bolder in the trust you put in that voice inside you. It is the perfect time to break that daily routine and embrace the mystical side. Do some mediation, dream interpretations, or rituals on the full moon.


The social calendar is getting heated up by Leo’s fiery energy. So prepare to have some fun and make some memories with your friends this summer. It is the time to step out and meet people or while networking. Your individuality will be shining brightly.


Leo’s spotlight is going to be on your public image and career. So assume the spotlight at work now. Your colleagues will be noticing your talents and tenacity. So be confident and use the extra attention to achieve your work goals.


Another fellow sign for fire, it is time to go on exciting journeys and adventures. You are craving spiritual, philosophical, and mental expansion. So accept all good opportunities where your horizons will be expanded.


Leo season will ask you to decrease the spiritual load and try to give some space for personal transformations. Accept radical authenticity, and shed all the emotional baggage that is keeping you from your truest self.


This month is going to be all about your personal connections. Convey your truest thoughts to your partners, and you will be rewarded. The fiery energy is going to give a deeper meaning to the commitments.


This season will inspire you to have more enthusiasm about wellness routines. Make some time for the outdoors and physical activities. What you need right now is some summer fun in the sun.

We will be blessed with charisma, creativity, and extra courage this season. So have no fear as you claim your rightful spot in the center of the stage.

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