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This Is Why Fathers Have Huge Impact On Their Daughters’ Lives

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

When it comes to family matters, not many people really understanding the significance and the gravity of the father-daughter connection.

According to the confirmations from scientific research, daughters and fathers should have healthy and strong emotional connections, so that daughters will develop properly.

This does not only mean that girls will be better if they have a strong and better father figure; it also means that those fathers who emotionally invest themselves and exist in their daughters’ lives play a crucial role in their emotional development. 

Why is a father significant for his daughter’s emotional development?

According to one study, daughters that have strong and close relationships with fathers feel more comfortable when it comes to opening themselves and being honest about what they feel.

This gives them the ability to be prepared for the intimate and close relationships later in their lives. Such relationships do not need to be love and romantic ones.

The strong and close emotional connection between daughters and fathers will help women in having strong relationships with workmates, friends, and boyfriends.

Also, another significant aspect that the emotional availability of fathers affects in their daughters’ lives is their sense of principles and values. In this way, fathers help their daughters in boosting their self-assuredness and self-confidence.

What is the main importance of the presence of fathers in the lives of their daughters?

Despite the different emotional factors, fathers also play an important role in practical levels. Fathers are really important when talking about financial stability and physical health.

Those girls that have strong father figures in their lives usually become more physically healthy and financially stable later in their lives.

Most often, fathers are perceived as the symbol of financial strength in families. This, in combination with strong physical and emotional health, means that daughters will be financially successful and comfortable when they grow up.

Why should fathers be involved in their daughters; lives from the beginning?

Those fathers who are a significant part of the lives of their daughters from the beginning will benefit their lives substantially, unlike the ones that appear later in their lives. In the past, the mother was the main homemaker.

The mother was the one that was responsible for the development of the family. However, nowadays, it is quite different. Fathers and mothers now share equal responsibilities and roles when talking about raising their kids.

Now, fathers have the ability to establish an intimate relationship with daughters right from the beginning.

What is the role of media in all this?

Nowadays, we are living in the modern era of technologies which will help us to pass and consume information with only tapping with our finger. Unluckily, this is not always something good.

There are many people that are still using primitive parenting ideas, saying that fathers should not have a huge role in raising their kids. The truth is that fathers should be encouraged and motivated to play a more vital role when it comes to taking proper care of their children.

Mothers are also important.

However, we are not trying to say that mothers should not play an important role in the process of growing and developing their daughters.

Mothers should play some active roles all the time when it comes to shaping the lives of their children. Mothers and fathers should always act like a team when it comes to raising their children.

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1 comment

Matt Ackerman June 10, 2019 - 5:41 pm

There is a most excellent documentary on this particular topic- it’s called “Absent”

The basic point it makes is that there are a set of questions that every little boy, and every little girl needs to have answered (in the affirmative) by their fathers, and how absolutely crucial it is for their emotional development that they do..

The core questions of the masculine journey––
> Do I have what it takes?
> Am I good enough?
> Am I powerful?
> Am I real?
> Will I come through?

The core questions of the feminine journey––
> Do you delight in me?
> Am I worth fighting for?
> Do you see me?
> Do you value me?
> Am I known and am I wanted?
> Am I beautiful?

There’s much more I could share about this, but check out the documentary. It’s one of the most insightful on this topic that I’ve seen.


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