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Looking For Love? Let These Angles & Goddesses Help You

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It is the normal desire of humans to look for love and satisfaction. Some say that it is one of the basic needs of the humans.

But sharing your own soul with another person goes much beyond ‘feeling good’ or ‘fun’, it really has the potential to help you grow in many ways.

Certainly, the journey will not be easy, but it will be rewarding! So, if you are looking for love, there are angels and goddesses waiting to help you out.

The Love Angels

The angels like Cassiel, Chamuel and Jophiel are the experts in love matters. Although, Cassiel is known as the angel of temperance in many cultures, but he can help you with love.

You may think, how love and temperance are related? Well they are! As we sometimes tend to hook up with the next available person to avoid aloofness. Cassiel will help you in such case.

The archangel of love is Chamuel or Camuel, he is the expert in matters of the heart. You may sometime think that you have many flaws, thus will not get a good partner.

Relax! Chamuel is a pro at removing negative emotions. He’ll teach you about unconditional love.

Jophiel inspires creativity and art. The word itself means ‘Beauty of God’, thus Jophiel teaches us to admire and appreciate beauty.

Jophiel helps when you are unsure about your partner. He can provide you wisdom and clarity.

The Love Goddesses

You may want to call a female figure in the matters of love. In that case, consider Aphrodite, Hathor, Freya.

Aphrodite is the most famous love Goddess. Considered as the most beautiful for whom Gods could wage wars. Consider calling her when you are in an unfulfilling relationship.

Hathor can be very helpful in matters relating to family. You must take her advice when deciding on your marriage.

Freya is an ancient Norse Goddess known as Goddess of love and fertility. If you suffer a breakup, Freya will be there to help you.

So, if you need any advice regarding love and relationships, simply ask these angels. They are always ready to help you.

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