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Bold Women; Are You Brave Enough To Be An Alpha?

by consciousreminder
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“Well behaved women seldom make history”.

It means that the women who are bold enough and fearless, make a proud name in the pages of history. What qualities do these women have then? Let’s find out.

1. Enjoying life is first priority.

Bold women never forget to have their share of fun no matter what. They live their lives to their fullest.

2. Saying and doing what they feel.

Alpha women make their own place. Be it new friendships or a demand, they say and do what they want to.

3. They’re proud of themselves.

They’re proud of their qualities and comfortable with who they are.

4. Open to things.

They have interesting lives with friends and family. But there’s always space for new experiences and people.

5. Learning from past mistakes.

They know that holding onto bad experiences from the past is only going to dull their shine. They learn from them and move on.

6. Fixed limits.

They don’t tolerate anyone crossing their line in any way. They know how to conserve their honor.

7. They know when to stop.

If they find bad experiences coming from friendships or relationships, they leave the negativity behind.

8. Physical connection matters.

Being confident, they demand physical presence form their lovers. They deserve that.

9. Opportunities are key.

They believe that the world outside has many opportunities. They go out and take chances.

10. Away from drama.

They stay far from drama as they aren’t fake.

11. Stars don’t excite them.

Friends are their real celebrities.

12. Healthy body, healthy mind.

A healthy body and mind push them towards success.

13. They’re heroes.

Alpha women are in full control of their lives. They don’t let bad things bring them down.

14. Just do it.

Whatever it is, they don’t delay it. They seize the day.

15. Self is a priority.

Alpha women remain true to their own selves and do what their hearts really want.

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1 comment

Robbie Wagner February 23, 2019 - 2:56 am

Very good job writing this. Blunt, brief, effective. Ty


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