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Astro Forecast For March 2019: Expect Some Special Changes In Your Life

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by Conscious Reminder

March will be an important period in 2019. There will be a lot of energy shifts taking place during this period. You will feel the push and pull of the universe but don’t get exhausted too easily.

There will be some surprises waiting to happen during this month. The first thing to do is to de-stress yourself. Only then will you be able to understand the universe and communicate with it effectively. Let the universe drive you ahead.

March is the third month of the year. The number 3 is a special one in numerology as it represents who we actually are – our body, spirit, and mind. It shows an alignment with our inner selves and balance.

And that’s why March 3rd is especially potent. It comes with a code 333, which means that the energy of 3 will be very high during this period. We will be more capable of expressing our desires and communicate the truth about ourselves.

The cosmic powers will be backing us up. If you have been feeling a bit imbalanced within yourself, then this is the period when you can get your inner harmony back on track. Be communicative and engage in cosmic support during this period.

On the March 5th, the very first Mercury retrograde of 2019 will take place. You will have to pace yourself during this period and assess your steps carefully before taking it. During this retrograde, be cautious as you move forward.

Since Mercury rules over our communication, you can understand that when it will go retrograde, you will have to go deeper and find out what you require the most.

Also, the retrograde is going to shake you up a bit so get ready to have a change of belief during this period. Maybe what you thought to be true is not so. That’s fine as you may be encountering a whole new truth.

March 6th will be bringing in some major planetary changes. Uranus will be moving into Taurus and there will be a New Moon in Pisces.

The New Moon is full of energy and it will bring a lot of messages to your soul and mind. Make it a point to keep yourself balanced and focus on these messages during this time.

Uranus is a huge planet and it is bringing a lot of energy shifts into our lives. Uranus had entered Taurus in May 2018, and now, it’s going to stay there till 2026.

You might be dazed by the influx of energy, but you can just think about what happened to you during the period between May and December last year.

There will be similar events that will happen to you, but you can still learn a lot from the lessons that Uranus is trying to make you learn.

On the March 20th, the last of the string of three Super Moons is going to take place. This time, the Super moon will be falling in Libra. It will finally tell us what we need to accomplish our goals and then, we will be all-set for the coming year.

The new year of astrology falls on March 21st. This is the time when the Sun comes into Aries and therefore, a new zodiac cycle starts. March 21st is also an Equinox i.e. a time when we will have equal hours of both darkness and light.

In the Southern Hemisphere, the Equinox brings autumn, while it brings spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Now, it is the time to move forward and bring our dreams closer to reality.

So, there are a lot of energies that will be affecting us during March. It is necessary for us to remain grounded and balanced. While there will be certain twists during this period, remember that it will also guide you towards a deeper truth.

So, let the March energy infuse through you and make you a better version of yourself. If you ever feel exhausted, meditate and become better.

Have a happy March!

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