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Choose One Animal And Find Out The Darkest Aspect Of Your Personality

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by Conscious Reminder

Personality defines who we are. Our attitudes, beliefs, and behavior reflect the kind of things that we want in life and how much effort can we put in to achieve those goals.

Everyone has different kinds of personality. Sometimes we may try to follow others footsteps but only to help us give a head start on the journey. Some take very calculative steps towards life and some like to go all in.

Some people perform consistently throughout their life and some perform like underdogs. We all have different ways of dealing with life and no one can say that the method a person follows to tackle all the problems is wrong. Some methods give instant results and some take time but the end result is always the same.

This is because everyone is afraid of failure and no one wants to be unsuccessful in his life. A survey was conducted a few years ago where a group of people was asked to select among a few given animals. Each animal reflects a different personality and depending upon the animal that people chose, the people who conducted the survey, realised certain things about their personality.

1. If you choose the Wolf:

People say that a wolf is a friend of darkness and the progeny of Satan itself. If you have chosen a wolf then you have a mysterious character. Just like the wolf you are very calculative and do not attack unless it is utterly imperative. You are very swift, patient, clever and very accurate.

2. If you choose the Bat:

The fictional characters of Batman and Dracula are born of the primal fear that a Bat imposes on its prey. It is a predator of the dark. If you have chosen a Bat then it means that your personality is very intricate. You do not beat about the bush. Everything is black and white to you and you like to deal with problems face to face.

3. If you choose the Raven:

Ravens are night scavengers who use their instincts and adaptive capabilities you hunt. Being as dark as the night, they resemble death and hinder everything in their path. If you have chosen the Raven then it would mean that your personality is very dark. You like staying in shadows and observing people as you are very keen in finding out the truth about them.

4. If you choose the Black Panther:

They are very fearsome and very few animals show as much awe as they show. They are respected by all and are very smart, fast and agile. If you have chosen the Black Panther then it means that you are very mysterious and would do anything to protect the people you love.

5. If you choose the Black Widow:

Black Widows show cannibalistic attributes as they feast on their own mates. They have deadly bites. If you have chosen the Black Widow then it means that you can be very lethal if you are pushed to the very edge and you don’t have any options left.

6. If you choose the Black Cat:

A black Cat has been portraying the signs of a sinister since the inception of the Egyptian empire. If you have chosen the Black Cat then it means that your personality is very dynamic. You have very versatile and when you decide to show people your wrath, they don’t see you coming.

7. If you choose the Vulture:

Vultures are one of the most deadly scavengers of the night. They always hunt in packs and wait until their pray completely stops moving. If you have the Vulture then it means that you have a good eyesight, sly, staunch focus and also very precise.

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