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45 Simple Self-Care Practices For A Healthy Mind, Body & Soul

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Taking proper care of yourself can be difficult, given the tight schedules and rarely finding the time to do it. But, if you don’t take care of yourself, you will end up exhausted and operating in a mental fog.

Self-care isn’t something you do once and check it off the list.  It is a repetition of various habits which blend together to help you get the most of your life and be at your optimum-physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Therefore, it is more than important to incorporate tiny self-care habits every day.  Here are 45 simple self-care practices for a healthy mind, body, and soul.


1. Check something off from your to-do list ( something that has been there for a long time)
2. Start a compliments file so that you can read them later
3. Change the way you make up decisions
4. Take another path to work ( this will help you create new neural pathways in the brain and keep it healthy)
5. Goof around a bit, at least five minutes daily
6. Pay attention to something you typically do on autopilot, whether it is eating or brushing the teeth
7. Lie on the back and watch the sky ( go cloud-watching)
8. Fix something at home that has been bothering you –a drawer that is stuck or a light bulb that has been gone
9. Create a deliberate habit
10. Be selfish and do things that make you happy
11. Step out of your comfort zone
12. Unplug for an hour daily to free yourself from the pressure of social media
13. Edit the social media feeds and remove any negative people
14. Start the day with a mini-meditation
15. Declutter your home, particularly the wardrobe


  1. Eat healthy ( narrow your food choices by picking healthy meals only)
  2. Give the body a 10-minute mindful attention
  3. Take three deep breaths to oxygenate the body
  4. Put on your favorite song and shake the booty
  5. Stretch out the muscles
  6. Run or walk for a few minutes daily
  7. Make a small change to the diet for the week
  8. Give the body a treat ( pick something from your clothes that feels good next to your skin)
  9. Get enough sunlight
  10. Inhale essential oils like peppermint
  11. Have a good laugh
  12. Take a nap ( 10-20 minutes daily)
  13. Get to know yourself intimately
  14. Be still and quiet for a few minutes
  15. Activate your self-soothing system by stroking your arm or moisturizing


  1. Have a long bath and read magazines ( take a home spa)
  2. Plan a weekend getaway
  3. Don’t hesitate to ask for help
  4. Exercise a signature strength; motivate and encourage yourself
  5. Have a self-date
  6. Stroke a pet
  7. Get positive feedback ( ask your friends to tell you what they think about you)
  8. Choose the people you want to spend time with today
  9. Make a small connection with a stranger
  10. Splurge a little ( buy something luxurious as means of valuing yourself)
  11. Write out your thoughts
  12. Imagine you are your best friend ( if you were, what would you tell yourself?)
  13. Help someone
  14. Stay in tune with your emotions
  15. Find a few unexpected beautiful things on your way to work

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