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Hey, Universe! I Want More And I Want Better!

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

They say we need to be grateful for what we already have, for the little things, for what we earn, for the people around us, for our jobs, for the food we eat, for the flowers we smell… We should be grateful for the things we don’t like too; for the lessons we learn, for the slap on the cheek, for all the disappointments, for the pain, for the sorrow…

They say we need to be modest, to find beauty in the little things, not to ask for more than we need and not to dream of hidden treasures…

There is truth to these words, but they can also lead to wrong interpretation of the concept of gratitude.

Gratitude is a conformation to the Universe that we are aware of the things we have. It also represents the acceptance of the way the energy exchange takes place in our lives. We are aware of everything and accept it as it is, and we notice every aspect that unravels during our existence on earth. Receiving and giving is a process of energy exchange regardless of the fact that it might becoming trough as we momentarily perceive as physical or not physical. When we are unsatisfied with certain aspects we tend to use gratitude as a solace.

Let’s say you do a job that you don’t like. So, you tell yourself that you’re grateful that you have money and, what is more, that you have a job in times of such a bad economic situation; especially when you see other people struggling to make ends meet. In moments like that, you assure yourself that you need to be grateful for the job and the money that you’ve worked so hard for.

And that’s how you get stuck in a moment, convincing yourself to be humble and satisfied with what you’ve got. Dwell on it for a moment and stop. You’ve send the Universe a conformation that you feel perfectly fine about the little you have in life.

However, you’re not fine at all. You want something else. You want a better job and more money. And then you think that you need to be modest and humble and retreat to your cocoon.

Or maybe somewhere deep inside you believe that wanting more is greedy and wrong.

Gratitude is acceptance. To be grateful means to be aware of the process of the energy exchange. Gratitude is a conformation for the Universe that everything you get serves your evolution. Sometimes we are not satisfied with our lives, and it’s perfectly fine. It’s fine to want to cover and excel in every field and aspect of your life. That’s not greedy; that’s not ungrateful; it’s O.K. to seek abundance.

                      A bold prayer to the Universe

Say: Hey Universe, I want more and I want better. Thank you for everything that you have provided me with, because it allows me to gain new experiences that I can learn from. I accept this situation and I’m thankful for the lessons that haven’t always been pleasant but I know that everything you send is for my greater good.

But please know that I’m not satisfied and fulfilled. Provide me with everything that I need to learn about my current situation and let me move on. Show me the doors that I need to open and go through, so I can continue my journey.

I don’t want anything small. Little things are big things. I enjoy the smell of the flowers, a sunny day, warm bed but those are not little things. These are big things. There is perfection in every rose paddle. I see the divine spark in every sun ray. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to see that.

However there are other things in my life that I am not satisfied with. I am grateful for the food I eat, but I won’t settle with limited choice. I want food that’s good for my health, I want abundance in every sense. I want fresh fruit and vegetables.

I’m grateful for the money I earn, but that’s too little for me – I want more. I want enough money to provide myself and others with unobstructed flow of energy in every area of my life. Little money won’t do it – so I won’t settle for little.

Please allow me to see to whole trough the little I get.

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