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March, 2019 Is The Month Of 333 Activation

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by Conscious Reminder

Because this year is the year number 3, which comes from 2+0+1+9=12, and 1+2=3, this month is in the light of number 3 numerology. The 3rd of March, the 12th of March, the 21st of March, and the 30th of March carry the vibration 333.

21st of March is going to be a an energetically strong day as it comes just after the Full Moon in Libra and the Spring Equinox.

However, we are probably going to feel the most powerful activations during the period of right now, which started on the 3rd of March, and lasts until the 12th of March.

The activations of 333 are actually connected to the consciousness of Christ. A lot of people already associate it with the Ascended Masters. Ascended Masters are those that completed their initiation into awareness of Christ.

One example is Yeshua or Jesus, but there can be a lot of others because the Christ-conscious will be ascended consciousness, or open to every one of us. Also, some of those that are on the way of ascension is now going to go more profoundly in the initiation process. 

The so-called threefold flame is actually one of the symbols of Christ-conscious, as it resides in people’s hearts. It contains three plumes, which are blue plume, one of the spiritual powers, pink plume, the one sacred love, and also yellow plume, the one of wisdom.

The goals of people are to balance the plumes in order to work together. So, when balancing love with power, you can get justice, while when balancing love and wisdom, you get the truth.

So, the activations of 33 will ignite and expand the flame within, so those who are prepared are going to be shown that through their higher consciousness.

The process of purification forms part of this initiation. People would like those plumes balanced, and in that way, they can align with the intentions of god/goddesses, and not with the emotional bodies or ego.

The planets Pluto and Saturn, and also the South Node will come into conjunction, which will be a significant part of these 333 activations because they are going to prepare us through karmic release and purification.

On the 30th of March, right after midnight, the planet Pluto is going to join the South Node in the sign of Capricorn. This Sabian symbol would be a woman that enters a convent, which shows a surrender of desires, so to come into aligning with the divine will.

This will be a strong connection from our past life which is going to provide us with the chance to shift the timelines through forgiveness and self-analysis.

The North Node occurs in Cancer, while the South one in Capricorn and this helps us learn how to balance our emotional body. The sign of Cancer holds some emotional patterns that developed over several incarnations.

Its energy may be quite emotional because the Moon is its ruler. The polarity point of Cancer is Capricorn. The ruler of Capricorn is Saturn, and because of that, it can withhold or detach from emotions to the end of not permitting the freedom of the heart. Capricorn is actually the authority/parent figure.

The Nodes’ transits through the two signs may help us in becoming the parent of the child inside us, which means our inner child. This will create a sense of safety and permit the proper balance of our emotional body.

Our inner child has to feel secure; it should be permitted to express itself freely, and also feel acknowledged so that it will unlock creativity. Although the transit of the planets Pluto and Saturn and also the South Node, can be quite challenging for a lot of people, it will also be the blessing actually for creating our future as we desired, and not some unconscious aspects related to shame and fear.

We should actively face our concerns, and practice compassion and forgiveness too.

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