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6 Types Of Grief That Many Of Us Experience Secretly

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by Conscious Reminder

We may use the term ‘grief’ as an umbrella term for all kinds of sadness. But this is not the right way to treat ‘grief’.

There can be many kinds of grief present and each of them can be triggered by different causes and emotions. Each has to be dealt with in a different manner. Here are some of the kinds of griefs that people can suffer from:

1. Loss of Autonomy

This is the kind of grief where you lose your ability to handle your life. It might be because you have a debilitating illness or that you do not have a suitable source of finance.

The things that affect your life is a bit out of your control. When you lose the ability to change or control your life, you end up feeling terrible – feeling lost. There is no light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Necessary Loss

This is a kind of loss which is necessary for your growth but you can still feel the pain of the sacrifice that comes with it. For example, you might be breaking up from a toxic relationship. It is necessary but you know that the break-up will not be easy.

You just have to replace it with something new for personal growth. It does not have to be negative too. It might be that you have found a better job opportunity for which you have to leave your current job and the colleagues who have become your friends. It’s hard but necessary for your personal advancement in life.

3. Loss of Identity

Identity loss may not look terrible at first, but it is devastating. The thing is – you mold yourself in a specific identity when you continue to work in a specific role.

An example – if you have been married, you become the husband or wife. If the marriage falls apart, you feel lost.

4. Loss of Expectations

When you are expecting something, but then you are hit by a hidden truth that you can’t have it, that loss is tremendous.

It’s very difficult to recover from that loss, since it might seem like you have cursed to not get what you expected. An example would be if you want a baby and after trying for years, you find out that you are infertile. That can break you.

5. Loss Of Safety

We are not always in a paranoid mode. When we are at home or with our loved ones, we feel safe and secure. However, there are people who have lost that sense of security.

They will be scared even at their own home and have to keep looking at all corners to guarantee their safety. If your home has ever been broken into, you will always feel unsafe at home, despite taking all kinds of security measures.

6. Perceived Loss

This is much more internal. Here, no one else can understand what you are going through since the loss is in your perception but it can be devastating.

An example is the feeling that you are not the favorite in your family, which many children feel while growing up. They carry it inside and it can be devastating to their emotional maturity.

These are some of the losses that many might face. Acknowledge them for what they are – only then can you work on them.

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