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The 6 Kinds Of Soulmates We All Encounter Before We Die

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by Conscious Reminder

When thinking of the word soulmate, some of us envision our one true love. You picture love at first sight, and perhaps someone who has similar morals, lifestyles, and feelings as you.

You may even be searching for your soulmate right now. While your true soulmate does exist, there are also many other kinds of soulmates that hold importance throughout our lives. Some of these people stick around throughout your entire life, while others will be gone in a flash.

1. A Twin

Your twin soulmate will be somebody who you can share your problems and experiences with. They may give you the strength to face your emotional obstacles and are able to talk to you about anything. You may be inseparable with this person since it feels like you have known them for an eternity. You’ll feel relief when you’re finally a part of this comforting bonded pair. Once you meet your twin soulmate, you won’t want to do anything without them.

2. A Healer

True purpose and meaning enter your life when you encounter your healing soulmate. Your meeting with this soulmate will occur when you are in need of assistance. A healer’s purpose is to teach you valuable and important lessons. If you’re going through hardships, this type of soulmate will emphasize with your pain and discomfort and aide you during the healing process. Although they may not stick around in your life forever, they are around when you need them the most.

3. A Wrecking Ball

If you’re seeking changes in your life, your wrecking ball soulmate will be the one to guide you through it. Their primary job is to come into your life, bringing challenges and forcing you forward on your life’s path. A wrecking ball soulmate gives you strength and may help you find your purpose. This is one of those soulmates that won’t be around forever. They will enter your life, shake up everything you thought you knew and disappear.

4. A Companion

True comfort enters your life when you meet your companion soulmate. This person will be your friend, whom we share deep trust and respect with. You will share similar beliefs, interests, and opinions. The relationship will be a mutual understanding of harmony between the two of you. The bond with this soulmate is a wonderful friendship, joined by comfort and understanding.

5. A Teacher

Your teacher soulmate will force you to learn by aiding you through scenarios. Although perhaps they aren’t your friend, they could be another peer such as a professor, co-worker, neighbor or even a challenger. Your teaching soulmate will provide you with guidance and seek to find a solution to a lesson you may need to learn.

6. A Stranger

Ever felt as though you have known someone in a past life? The stranger soulmate will be the person you feel like you’ve known for ages. You may stumble upon them by accident, in a store, at the bus stop, or while walking on the street. Although the discussions you have with this stranger may not be deep or long, this person still brings you a sense of validation and ease.

After reading, are you able to identify who in your life can be considered any of these soulmates? Have you met all 6 types of soulmates already?

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