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Libra Full Moon On March 20th: Wealth & Knowledge

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by Conscious Reminder

On 20th March, 2019. the full moon will occur in the first degree of Libra. It will also have a Uranus aspect. A Full Moon brings a lot of emotional turbulence with it and makes us a bit moody.

However, it is also the time for love, so it is not going to be all bad. This 2019, the March Full moon will also come in conjunction with wonderful fixed stars that bring travel and business opportunities. There are four planetary aspects as well. Opportunities and change in coming on your way.


The Full Moon will come at 00°09′ Libra and will make a minor aspect to the planet Uranus. While the aspects will not have a direct effect on the moon, but they will have an impact from the background.

Fixed Star Markeb

Fixed Star Markeb will be at Virgo in the Sails of the Ship which is in the Constellation Argo. It helps us to gain more knowledge and have a strong spirit and mind. It will help us not only in trades, but will also strengthen our educational side.

Moon quincunx Uranus

Moon quincunx Uranus will result in the building up a bit of tension which may cause irritation and emotional mood swings. Your eating and sleeping pattern will be disturbed too.

You may get irritated because of something happening inside your home or by some unexpected behaviour from your family member. If you have a great relationship with any female member of your family, then that relationship may have more tension. You have to adjust or else the karmic imbalance will follow through.

However, not everything is bad news. You might meet a new person who is eccentric and bring a lot of excitement in your way.

Even instant attraction can be possible, but then, such a sudden meet will disrupt your existing relationships. There might also be an exciting opportunity coming your way which you may not have expected. You can commit to it, but always think before you make a leap.

Remaining Aspects

Mercury Will Sextile Saturn

When Mercury will sextile Saturn, you will be more clear-headed and can think well. Uranus will help you to calm down. Since there is a lot of opportunities coming your way, you have to go through the cons and pros of them. Due to the influence of Markeb, you can make intellectual decisions well as your analytical abilities will be on the high.

Venus will square Mars

This alignment will make you sexually frustration. You will feel more competitive which will increase your irritation. Uranus will make it worse for you. But the Moon quincunx Uranus will make it easier by helping you vent out your anger through proper channels.

Venus will sextile Jupiter

This alignment adds a bit of comfort from any kind of sexual tension that your love life might be experiencing right now. Plus, because it is happening in the full moon, it is a great time to fall in love or mend relationships that are broken. It also adds a sprinkle of luck to it too. This kind of alignment is great for investing too as it yields good profit. Make your journeys more enjoyable and profitable during this alignment.

Mars Trine Pluto

When Mars will trine Pluto, then it will bring a bit of desire into your heart. Your sexual life will get better with an increase in passion. You will become more ambitious and reach out for what you want. But you will also be balanced too. This full moon, you will be able to remove any kind of obstacle that is stopping you.

Summary Of The Full Moon

The Full Moon will bring some major changes in your life when it comes in quincunx with Uranus. But it will make you flexible enough to accept the opportunities at hand. When Markeb comes in alignment, it will help with education and knowledge.

The square of Venus with Mars will result in an increase of tension, though it can be redirected to help with your ambition. This full moon is good for healing relationships and for loving another person. It is time to go for a romantic voyage of growth and knowledge.

Make this full moon worth it. It brings a lot of promise.

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