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Libra Season Horoscope: Hope For Love

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by Conscious Reminder

On 22nd September, the 2021 Libra Season is officially starting. Expect work to become much lighter while your relationships start heating up.

Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra, the air signs will have the most bountiful time. But Capricorn, Cancer, and Aries, the cardinal signs, should get ready for a month packed with action.


The relationship-oriented vibe of this season is particularly effective for you. This month, you should be spending in the company of others because independent ventures will probably not work out. Teaming up will make your life magical.


Your work life is getting more focus, but it is not a bad thing. You will just be spending a lot of time connecting with coworkers, and some might become real friends. If you can avoid your stubborn ways from fixed signs, you and your coworkers are being extra productive during this season.


Get ready for a double helping of love, as you will encounter it in heaps wherever you go. Expect more creativity, more romance, and better sex for the remainder of September. This is an awesome time for dating, flirting, or cuddling some more with your bae. This is a good time for socializing as well.


This month is very focused on your career, in a beneficial way too. Projects that have been going on for a while are ending and loads of work are being done. If you think the spotlight is being shown on you too much, that is what is happening. You are being specially noticed by your higher-ups right now.


This month is busy and fun for you. It won’t be due to work, but rather because there will be a lot of socializing. It can even involve short trips. A lot of important messages will be received and sent, so review all messages you receive twice (including your spam).


This month will see you focus on the financial side of things. This is one of the best chances you will get to assess the state of your account, and find ways you can save. Libra has an innate ability to compromise and balance and do it flawlessly.


It is the birthday season for you! This is the month centering on you. So, your focus is your desires in life and attaining them. This is the time to go out, be spectacular, and get them. The year has been quite tough, and you deserve every moment that’s coming.


This month will possibly leave you feeling introverted and lonely. This period will be about cycles being completed, and because of Libra’s nature, exes can resurface. The same goes for old hobbies, projects, or jobs that you never got into. This is the time for finding closure and leaving them behind.


It’s your best time for socializing. The vibes of Libra season are making you more charismatic and brighter than ever. Also, expect a blast whenever you hang out with the squad. They really love learning about you.


Your life at home is the focus right now. The time you spend with your family or roommates will be increasing a lot more. Any issues involving them will be fixed much easier. It is also a great time for redecoration.


This season is among the most fun and upbeat periods for you. Optimism and adventurousness are making you learn so much about the surrounding world. You might even be traveling a bit, if not physically, then mentally. This is the month where you grow.


The romantic vibes of the Libra season are super intense for you. This is not just flirting, you will be making very deep connections, usually on the bed. You might be feeling like taking your relationship to another level, wherever it may be. But do not be in a hurry since Mars Retrograde can make it backfire.

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