August Won’t Be A Joyride For These Three Zodiac Signs

by Conscious Reminder

The Eclipse season turns out to be a bit rocky for most zodiacs. In August, during the Leo season, we will face the Eclipse season wrath, so we should buckle up.

However, it is not necessary that things will be bad just by looking at the sun signs. You have to look at your ascendant horoscope too to get a clear view of how things will turn out to be in August.

As a general overlook, three signs are going to find August a bit of a struggle. Leo, the sign of fire, will thrive during its season and there will be a lot of occasions for self-expression. However, let us chart our own path into August or rather into Leo season.

During the Gemini season, two months ago, we became masters of communication and we allowed ourselves to brainstorm solutions to find our path forward.

During Cancer season, we became emotionally intelligent and learned how to be one with our emotional side. But now, during the fiery Leo season, we have to take the effort to connect with our inner self and find what brings joy to us.

Here are some of the ways in which August will affect Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, in a bad way:


You will be a lot more moody during this period. The Sun will illuminate the area in your chart with deals with family and home, so be prepared to get in contact with some inquisitive family members who will make you feel more terrible. Plus, there will be a bit of nostalgia attached to homemade food as well. This time, your moodiness will affect your emotional sphere too. Quite a downer, right?


You feel sleepy and a lot more tired than usual. You are completely exhausted. The chart area which deals with dreams and subconscious mind requires rest and you know it. The Sun will illuminate your area of Karma and so, you are feeling tired right now. Don’t worry – your birthday season is coming up. During this exhausting stage, try to learn more about yourself. If you have to let go, let go of the people who do not serve your needs. Take advantage of this period to make the most out of it.


Saturn, South Node, and Pluto are all there to influence you during this season making it an especially turbulent one emotionally. But the Universe is there and has the best for you. The Sun is falling on the 8th House related to transformation and sexual prowess. So, you will engage in spiritual evolution but along with that, themes like sexuality, taboo, and power will get ignited. Be ready.

Things might look down during this period but do not lose hope. Be careful and look for a brighter tomorrow. Cheers!

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