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Twin Flame Magnetism & Attraction: What You Need To Know

by consciousreminder

Twin Flame Magnetism & Attraction: What You Need To Know

Twin flame magnetism and attraction? Twin flames possess mirror souls, split from the same soul at birth into perfect complements of each other.

The twin flame connection represents the strongest spiritual relationship we will experience in our lifetime.

This connection manifests on the spiritual plane as the silver cord, an endlessly elastic and entirely unbreakable bond between the heart chakras of the twin flames.

This silver cord, along with the unique vibrational frequencies it is attuned to, is the origin of the magnetism and attraction between twin flames.

But how do the twin flame magnetism and attraction work, and what do we need to know about the silver cord that exists between twin flames?

Shared Connection

The silver cord belongs to neither twin flame, but instead to the soul, they split from.

Therefore, it is outside of our control. Either twin flame can use the silver cord without the other’s consent. Either can tap into the silver cord and read its energies and vibrations.

It is in this way that we may communicate telepathically with our twin flame, but it is also where our private emotions may find their way to our twin flame.

We have little control over the connection itself, but it treats both twins with equity.

Twin Flame Magnetism: It Pulls

This is important for magnetism across the connection, as it means that both twins are pulled towards each other at the same time.

This becomes crucial for reuniting twin flames after the runner and chaser phase, as the runner always has to work harder than the chaser just to maintain distance.

In this way, the magnetism between twin flames always closes the gap eventually.

It Represents Attunement

The silver cord is an emergent phenomenon stemming from the unity and shared the soul of the twin flames.

It exists because of the unique vibrational frequencies of the shared soul, harmonising with and amplifying itself.

The attraction between twin flames happens because of this energy.

It is a fundamental attraction, a deep soul level yearning to be unified, longing to be one as to fulfil the ultimate goal of consciousness.

When we feel the urge to be with our twin flame, that urge is coming from deep within our soul, from the fundamental properties of energy that govern the spiritual plane.

When we feel a rush of excitement around our twin flame, that is the effect of perfect complementary energies harmonizing on the body.

And The Occasional Push

With all this attraction and magnetism comes a consequence.

Because of the intense energies involved in the twin flame relationship, when that energy is released poorly it can result in the pushing away of one of the twin flames.

This is a hugely common property of the twin flame relationship, entirely natural and a part of the process we just have to go through.

But, as we have discussed, we need not worry about being separated for long – twin flames cannot resist the magnetism or the attraction embodied by their shared connection.

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Jo June 24, 2018 - 5:51 pm

Love this!! Love the descriptions of the silver cord and the magnetism

loah January 30, 2020 - 7:36 pm

question, how is it the same soul that is being split at birth, if we are 17 years apart in age?

Aaron January 14, 2021 - 2:59 pm

Because at some point one of you died first or waited before incarnating. Time is linear so u your soul is the same age, only your body sees the illusion of time.

Matt July 22, 2021 - 11:37 pm

Noah twins’ souls were split at the beginning of their creation. It’s not something that happens all of a sudden. The 2 of you have been twins for a long time.


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