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Fiery New Moon In Leo Rises August 18th: Releasing The Shadows

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by Conscious Reminder

The Sun’s powers receive a boost when it shifts into Leo every year. As the Moon starts a new cycle on August 18th, we will experience the intensity of the New Moon in Leo.

The Moon in hiding will remind us that even after the darkest of nights, the bright Sun always rises to energize us.

As the sky remains dark, we will be guided to align with our inner Sun. We have to allow the light to illuminate the things within us which have been hiding in the shadows all this while.

The year has brought forth many drastic changes, some quite negative. But we must be grateful for the many opportunities we have been getting to grow and evolve. Have you made the most of the opportunities that came your way? Think of ways how you can double down on the new options you might get in the coming months. Remember that maximizing an opportunity does not always mean it has to be one of productivity. An opportunity to sit back and relax amid a busy spell should be as much exploited as an opportunity to start a new project.

The Leo New Moon will be telling us to make the most of the cards we are being dealt. The Moon will be sending us positive vibes and filling us up with optimism. This will provide us the motivation to push through the rest of the year.

New Moon In Leo And Mars

As the Moon rises in Leo, Mars will turn rather active as well. Mars will be conjucting with Eris, who is known as the Goddess of Discord. Not only that, but Mars will also be squaring Pluto and Saturn while being in a Trine with the Moon and the Sun. Could it be any busier!

The New Moon brings forth a burst of positive and motivating energy, and so does Mars. We will be experiencing an energy overdrive as Mars pushes us towards action. The fiery energy of Mars will help us clear off all pending work.

But on the flip side, those of us who have been constantly overworking will now feel burnt out with the Mars energy. So this is why you should be tuning in to your body and find your balance. Mars’ energy will either overwhelm us into submission or drive us to finish projects- both will be with the ultimate aim of restoring a proper balance in our lives.

Whatever you see manifesting in your life while the New Moon in Leo works its magic is actually what you need. You may not realize your true needs but trust the universe. Be patient, and find ways to soothe the surging energy levels.

Under the Leo New Moon, you have to protect your energy as well. A herbal cleansing, sitting with your crystals, or a saltwater bath can do wonders. With the influence of Mars being so prominent, you can also exercise and do breathwork.

As the New Moon starts turning full, we will notice information resurfacing that was previously unknown. Be prepared to face some painful truths too.

With so much potent energy floating, friction and tensions will rise. When you start arguing with a loved one, remember that the friction is temporary, but the love and care you share is stronger.

We should be mindful of others’ experiences. Instead of berating them, give them the benefit of doubt. Tap into the light that the Moon will provide to return to the calm.

Let Mars ignite your inner fire to get things done, but don’t let it consume you. Channelize the energy into love while staying connected to the calm of the Moon.

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